Sunday, March 25, 2012

relaxing over the weekend

so usually, every Sat morning I'll rush out of the house early and spend 2 hours teaching Maths to a really nice, if a bit passive, 15-year-old girl. Wasn't the case yesterday. Went out even earlier then usual so that I can make my way to Sengkang.

What did I do there? Kayaking :) 22nd March was declared World Water Day and to celebrate, PUB organised a whole bunch of water related events on the 24th. Such as when I went Kayaking at Sengkang yesterday. Had a fun morning on the water and I thought the weather was fantastic. Sunny but not too humid such that you sweat because of the heat and exertion as compared to sweating coz of the humidity.

Spend like 3 to 4 hours after that just chatting with everybody. Really was a good time.

And today, wanted to go to the library but the heavy rain is making it impossible. So here I am, enjoying the cool weather and blogging at home. Haha. Seriously though, no better way to spend a Sunday I feel. And, staying at home is a good way to recover from the slight muscle aches from yesterday's event. Hahaha.

yay <3

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