Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Thoughts about moving

1. Really? Is the contractor asking for another extension on the completion deadline again? Really, really? I don't care about your internal issues, main point here is that you were the one who promised us that you will be done by this date, after already asking for an extension once. DON'T MAKE IT SEEM ALL WEIRD THAT WE'RE ALL PACKED UP AND READY TO MOVE. You guys are at fault for not meeting the deadline.

2. (all packed and with plenty of space in her room) Living out of a suitcase/travelling bag? Fun! It's like I'm at a camp or on a trip, but with my own mattress and pillows and everything :)

3. (Upon stepping into new room) Awesome!! The colours are just so damn pretty!! Woohoo. Definitely good choices. Woohoos!! And the wood laminate flooring is that kind of floor which will sound damn awesome when you walk on them in high heels....... Not that I'm planning to do that mind you.

4. Kitchen colours are nice too! If only they'd finally finish up the cabinet tabletop. Argh.

5. Love the toilet floor and wall tiles. Cous and I picked well!

6. Bounce bounce bounce on the mattress. New bed and new mattress.

7. (After things have been moved in and boxes are piled sky high in the centre of her room. Going to the bed means going through an obstacle course and there is barely even any room to lie the suitcase down flat.) Damn it. Living out of a suitcase? NOT FUN!

8. Right... There's never a good time to fall sick but this is an even worst time then usual. Thanks a lot immune system. Just what I needed while settling in to the new house: a good dose of the flu. ARGH.

9. When I'm sick, I'm cranky. When I'm sick and my room is not a calming place to be in (because of the mess of boxes, double argh) I become a bitch with a trigger-hair temper. It's like, high tolerance level? What's that? My family can attest to that. I still stand by the point that even though I was a lot more irritable than usual, they were kinda asking for it because it was super fricking annoying. And it was just beyond my tolerance level at that point in time. Argh. Scratch that, make it triple argh.

10. Yeap, still sick and cranky. But with ppl coming (mommy, step-father, sis, aunt and the kids, brother and the babies), had to make sure I had more control over the temper. Sigh. Helped a lot that even when everybody had arrived and are making a lot of noise, I was tired and felt poorly and so was able to take a 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon. Woke up feeling better equipped to handle everyone.

11. Best thing? Despite all the busy-ness etc, still had time to watch tennis (serious)and fangirl over fave tennis player (not serious). As in, I watch tennis for the fun of watching tennis but after maybe an hour of watching seriously, the fangirl-ing just happened naturally. I mean, how can I not when Kei was having such a fantastic week in Basel? Sure, like him, I too wished he was playing Novak at his best, but a win is a win is a win! And the finals of a 500 event! Seems appropriate since he was at the semi-finals of a 1000 event. It's like 1 step down tournament level-wise, so he should be able to go at least one step further, ie the finals.

Pity about the match with Roger though, but I guess he should look forward and think about how he can beat him (or at least play a much more even game) the next time they meet. I mean, Kei plays very well against Rafa. Lost yes, but both times, they were hard-fought events. He should at least strive to be able to play that well against Roger and Andy Murray. And Novak too when he's at 100%.

12. Why am I even typing this post at this time of the night? Seriously, I have a pounding headache. Washing machine, please please please be done soon.

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