Sunday, February 13, 2011


Lol. it's dumb but I'm really quite excited by the group chat function on whatsapp. hahaha. Been waiting for it for quite a while! Ever since Eunice told me about it this morning, I updated my whatsapp and spent the whole day whatsapping the group from YD, in addition to confirming a dinner date with the whole group, which is super fun. I miss everyone. and the opportunity to get out of school? awesome.

so yes, excited. it hasn't been a very easy week and the terrible thing about me is that the harder things become for me, the more I hide. I'll do what I have to do, but there's a part of me that is just hiding somewhere. so this is an easy, cheap thrill-ish way of fun.

and anyway, the way I see it, now it's time for BBM users to come back to whatsapp, LOL. mainly coz now you can do cross platform group chat. Maybe it's not as polished as BBM yet (coz you know, only being able to have six participants in the chat is just barely enough... which of course, also led to my bimbo moment) but it's cross platform group chat yo. funs no? the above mentioned YD chat has like users from all three platforms (iPhone, android, BB). integration you know, hahahaha.

On another note...


Will somebody please fly me to
the US so that I can, I don't know, stalk Boston Rob or something? I
hope he's ok to hang in there though. It's like, back to back seasons
(ok two, but that also means he's been in Survivor more times than
anybody other player.) And omg, does Russell not need to go home? I really don't think he's been home at all!

Since almost everybody is saying that Russell's their least favourite player, i'm wondering how the ppl on his tribe's gonna react. It's honestly a bit gimmicky to make this a Russell vs Boston Rob kind of thing but if it means more Rob, who am I to argue. Can't wait, should be starting next week!

and I'm still following Kei Nishikori's progress. Just for the fun of it! haha. Memphis next week after that loss in San Jose.

May next week be an awesome week for me :) Insyaallah.

Oh another point to talk about: WHATS UP WITH TWO BIEBER SONGS IN UPCOMING GLEE?! Might as well make it a bieber tribute episode, OMG. But it's sung by Sam and Artie. Which means that I'll have Bieber songs (even if they are in actual fact covers) on my phone. Argh.