Wednesday, January 12, 2011

middle of the night spring cleaning

it's 3.09am and guess what? I'm actually cleaning my room. Like, seriously. Me, clean my room?! sure, now most stuff that was on top of the cupboard is now on the floor while I try to find places to fit it in, but but but, the upper surfaces all look nice and neat.

which really is a rare phenomenon, seriously. and the most surprising thing, i guess, is the amount of things i actually threw away! I've kept some of these stuff for years, like since sec sch or sth coz of the sentimental value and that kind of stuff? Today, I made the decision to only keep the really really nice ones that can function as decor and toughen my heart a little bit so that i can throw everything else away. hard for a pack rat, but doable with enough motivation.

My current goal is to try and keep things this neat (or at least neat enough that i don't feel the urgency to clean my room) till the end of the upcoming semester. Including exams+fyp and everything else, that means I need to keep the room in it's current state for at least (AT LEAST?!?!?!) 4 1/2 more months. I'm wishing that it'll happen but knowing me...

Ok, let's actually make that my new year's resolution. things like exercising more and losing weight etc are a little bit harder to achieve but this, i should really work to make it a possibility. I mean it's just as little effort as making sure I don't throw my things every which where but actually keep things nice and neat or try to find a place where i can hide the mess, LOL.

So Insyaallah, i can do this!

(argh, cleaning the room and making resolutions are nice and all but now my nose just won't stop running. bloody dust and their bunny friends)

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