Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy 2011!! and a little bit (a lot actually) of fangirling

Yes, Kei won!! If he tries hard enough, maybe he can even go all the way and meet Berdych in the finals =) Since you know, after he defeated Cilic, there's been talk that Berdych will most likely win the Chennai Open.

Hahah. I was actually really happy when I saw the draws and found out that Kei is facing Cilic coz the last time they met, Kei won. Then I found out that Cilic is the two-time defending champion of the Chennai Open which made me a little bit nervous. But hey, he still won! Hahaha.

Ok yes, Happy 2011 world! Heh, I know, I know. i haven't blogged in ages (so what's new...) and the first thing I do when I'm actually blogging is fangirl over Kei Nishikori. Admittedly, I found out about him only coz one of the vids of him came up while I was Youtube-ing Prince of Tennis videos but there's this underdog feel to him? So it's quite fun to see his progress. Haha. Which is why I'm following him. And thus, the first two fangirlish paragraphs.

Moving on. Nope, no 2010 in pictures blog this year. I had like almost no life in 2010 except for internship. So I'd rather not expose how pathetically no life I am. Hahahaah.

Internship was really fun though. 6 months for me to be in school without actually being in school, if you get what I mean. It wasn't a huge life changing experience but it was an experience. It's like... when I'm in school I sometimes have doubts about journalism as something I wanna do but in those six months, I (mostly) enjoyed myself. It was a pretty low pressure way to learn more about the job and I know I want to do a job that is something like that. Ok, wait. I'm going to stop talking about this coz it's just gonna remind me of the impending job search. But it was a fun time, really. Evident if you are privy to some of the conversations between Eunice and me.

(Drives the thought of the impending job search out of my mind. for now.)

Le sigh, FYP. Heh. It's like just the thought of it will induce stress in any CS Yr4 student. So when somebody like me actually feels the stress, you know that there really is a lot of stress. It's just there's so many things that seem to be hanging in the air? Like sometimes you don't even know what you're doing. Argh. Double argh.

Well, let's see. That's all for my first 2011 post for now lah. I can start gushing about the new Anita Blake novel (Bullet), but I shan't. It's reaaaaallllyyyyy good though. So good, I had to leave a post on Laurell K. Hamilton's facebook wall. Hahaha. Any follower of the series must go read it, NOW! Argh, and why is the next book only gonna come out in June?! WHY?! Bullet is so cliff-hanger-ish. I don't think any of her other books have ended on such a cliffie (or maybe that's coz the next book had already been written and so I just need to hunt it down in the library instead of waiting for it to come out. But no leh. I really think there hasn't been any book that's as clffie-ish as Bullet) and I AM SO FRICKING ANXIOUS FOR THE NEXT BOOK! *Marks it down in my non-existent calendar* Hitlist is coming out in June 2011. They'd better bring it to Singapore by July at the latest.

Hahahaha. Looks like I couldn't stop myself after all. But really. wth Haven? And Richard, oh Richard. I'm a Richard fan. I guess many pple aren't but somehow or either--and as much as I like Micah--I'm still a Richard fan. So Bullet really did make me happy.

Ok, I'm really done now. Good night :)

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