Thursday, January 13, 2011

catching the cleaning bug

the urge to clean, 2 nights in a row. my aunt probably wishes that i go on trips more often just so i that i will go on these cleaning binges prior to the trip itself.

really. 2 nights in a row (and yes it's nights. i started at like 7++/8pm and ended at 4am ystd and i did a quick clearing up of junk in the living room at about 2.30am today). that's like a miracle when you consider how much i hate cleaning/how lazy i am.

wow. just wow.

No matter how many trips I go on though, I will never get the urge to clean out my cousins' room or the storeroom. those two places are just impossible to tackle. I'll probably die from oversneezing, rashes, allergies and the urge to tear out my hair.

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