Monday, November 08, 2010

On glee, this week.

So yay, excited about this week's episode of glee for two reasons: the long hinted at possibility that Kurt might get a boyfriend and Darren Criss is gonna be on the episode :)

Ok ya, most of the world will be questioning who the hell is Darren Criss. I would be too, if not for avpm and avps (a very potter musical/sequel). Bottomline is, he can sing, so yes, excited.  And he's Harry freaking Potter y'all.

So in anticipation of this week's episode,  let's talk about 'Duets' and the 'Rocky Horror Glee Show.'

Duets: OMG HOW CUTE/HOT IS MIKE CHANG?  I mean seriously. I spent the whole  performance of Sing (which I rewatched thrice) kyaa-ing about how cute the whole performance was! And sorry Artie, i'm very  sold on MikeXTina right now. Woohoos!

Oooh, and yay Sam :) despite the 'seriously-that'e-a-terrible-idea' Justin Bieber hair, I quite liked Sam when we  first saw him in ep 1. So yay Sam, yay MikeXTina and most of all, yay to Glee returning back to the style/concept that I first fell in love with. and on that note, I was excited but was also a little bit anxious for the next ep, which was another 'themes' episode based on the rocky horror pic show, in line with Halloween...

Rocky horror glee show: it was a pretty good ep, didn't suffer from the dysfunctionality  of the previous themed ep, britney/Brittany. Sure, Mr shue pretty much behaved like an irresponsible teacher who is using his students to try and win emma... But then I support WillXEmma so whatever lah. And toucha toucha touch me was so fun to watch!

But anyways, definitely eagerly anticipating this week's ep :) and puck will be back!

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