Friday, November 26, 2010


Annoyed, irritated and i'm feeling a little bit like a failure. And i'm hungry. So i'm super cranky now.

I mean, think about it. Empty stomach, kinda low self esteem, and cranky coz I'm walking around, but i'm mostly sleepwalking. Ultimately it's still my fault but the other factors aren't helping. And that just adds to my overall crankiness. I hate failing but I hate disappointing even more.

Argh. Sorry guys. I swear i'll do better next time.

[Edit: 7:09pm] Argh. Just in a little bit of a funk right now. Which sucks coz I'm looking forward to the weekend. argh. i should have just done a better job just now. and now i'm just going around in circles. I'm stopping. it's just going to make me feel worse and worse. The only good thing right now is that i'm surrounded by books. yes, i'm a geek but it helps calm me down.

i just feel so bloody inadequate. I DUNNO WHY THE FEELING IS SO FRICKING STRONG. I hate this.

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