Friday, October 08, 2010

what the hell is up with the last two episodes of Glee? I love that show, I'm a super huge Gleek who is like pretty addicted to the show and the songs, but the past two episodes have been very disappointing me. Nothing wrong with the performances but come on, there must at least be SOME consideration to the idea of plot.

It has been a total "plot what plot?" kinda thing in the past two weeks. What happened to the "omg, it was such a good episode" feel that I got with episode 1?!

Brittany performing Britney's I'm A Slave for You and Kurt's I wanna hold your hand with the flashbacks of him and his dad was probably the best parts of the two episodes. Everything else felt like a waste of time to watch. Again, I say, what a disappointment.

On another note though, I've started watching Bones and just completed all available episodes and omg, WTH Tempe?!?!?!?!?!?!?! How can you push Booth away? I mean besides the fact that the David Boreanez is hot, how can it not make sense for you guys not to be tgt? And now you are all moody about the fact that he's happy with Hannah (who is still kinda one-dimensional but a likable enough character)? Producers, directors, scriptwriters! Please please please please please pair them up already!!

Yes, I'm a Booth/Brennan shipper and nothing can push me off the boat. I mean omg in season 5 they were all loveydovey (for them lah. There weren't really any real outward display of affection) it is so fricking adorable to watch them! And S5E16 is totally my favourite episode. Oooooh and and and the final scenes of the final ep of S5 and the opening scenes of S1E6. I was like "NO NO NO NO NO! DON'T LET GO!!!" when Booth let go of her hand.

Ah sigh... Sometimes it is really good to be emotionally invested in the lives of fictional characters. It takes a lot of real life away. and on that note, I am really sad that they ended the anime for Katekyo Hitman Reborn.