Saturday, March 06, 2010

Episode 4: Tonight We Make our Move. BEYOND AWESOME!

Episode 4 of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains is beyond awesome! It's so awesome I am blogging immediately after the show.

Things I really really liked:
1) Coach crying his eyes out. Like hello? Crybaby much? Yes, Rob did the same thing ep 2 but it's totally different too. And at least he managed to get out of the funk mostly on his own. Coach needed Rob, the subject of his man-crush to comfort him and tell him to be a man. I seriously am amazed at Tyson's sensibleness. Yes, then everybody won't have Coach's weirdness to talk about but at least it will help him stand out less? Honestly, how can somebody who had just finished crying his eyes out call himself King Arthur, or the last of the Mohicans? Also, he keeps on saying about how noble he is. Get real, if you are that noble, you won't be on the villains tribe dude.
2) The scramble to find the HII. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Poor idol that had to live in Tom's socks for a day though. Haha. Can't believe Russell is insistently searching for the idol. Read the atmosphere, everybody is dying to kick you out already! Gotta love Rob for that 'Hobbit on crack comment.'
3) Jeff Probst giving the Heroes a piece of his mind at trible council. The man was on fire. He told them straightout what he thought of them and essentially pointed out HOW STUPID THEY ARE! I really, really, really, really (multiply that by infinity) want a chance to dig through Jeff Probst's brain and just talk all about Survivor with him. I'm afraid that I might be way tooooo startstruck to actually talk to him though if I ever get the chance to dig his brain. Oh, and if he brings along Boston Rob, I don't hink I'll be way too starstruck, I know I will be. the chance to talk to both Rob and Jeff at the same time? That's like my version of heaven man.  (yes, yes. I know I am a bit Rob obssessed)
4)BEST THING EVER! The look of shock on Candice's face after Jeff announced that Cirie is the 4th person voted out. They were all so smug, thinking that Colby will be going home since Tom played his idol but ZOMG! JT flipped and voted for Cirie instead. Way to go JT. Finally something worth remembering you for. I mean, I've been sort of remembering him as the guy who was in Toncantins with Coach and the subject of Coach's first man-crush. (I was rooting for Stephen by the way, during Toncantins)
5) A replay of the challenge that never was from last season. Watching Russell Swan conk out while playing that challenge was scary so it was nice to see the completed injury free version =P And unless I see wrongly, next week's challenge might also be a repeat of a Samoa challenge, the one that had Jeff sending people out coz they weren't playing by the rules.

Things I didn't like:
Ahaha. the answer is none. Like I said, this episode was beyond awesome! I enjoyed practically every second of it.

And yes, this blog is becoming a bit of a Survivor's blog. Oops =P
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