Thursday, February 25, 2010

Survivor XX heroes vs villains

So, if you were to ask me what show right now deserves a lot of hype, I'll most definitely gush about my latest tv obsession, SURVIVOR 20: HEROES VS VILLAINS!!

Yaya, most people will be like: "Siti, you are still watching survivor? It's so totally scripted..." Honestly I don't care. The challenges alone have always been able to keep me drawn in but this season is so fun!

2 episodes have aired and neither have disappointed. Well, I'm hoping that it will continue going strong. I mean, for the past 2 or 3 seasons, I've been watching Survivor mainly for the challenges. Then once the immunity challenge ends, I'll just go back into my room or sth and like, who cares about the scrambling back at camp? Not this time. I guess I just have a weakness for all star seasons? I loved the first one, and while I didn't particularly enjoyed micronesia, I am super psyched for heroes vs villains so far.

And I don't think it's just the irresistible (to me at least. I am such a huge fan!) lure of Boston Rob. And while he cannot spell Philippines properly (The Amazing Race All-Stars), he can definitely solve them puzzles. It's great watching him solve puzzles and really, why can't he and Russell team up already? I'm not really a fan of Russell (although I thought he deserved the win more than Natalie did, boo) but I do believe that an R&R alliance will be pretty dynamite. Russell's being kinda dumb and seems to have this sense of self-entitlement this season somehow.

Of course it is not all good. How can anybody put Coach and Tyson on the same level as Rob (both Boston and ROb C), Russell, Richard Hatch or even (the now quitter, no more a villain) Johnny Fairplay?! And will Tyson please not wear those stupid short short boxer shorts of his to challenges? We dun particularly want to see your package ya know. And the 'budding romance between Coach and Jerri?" Erm, NO! Sorry, Jerri. Nothing wrong with you. I'm just extremely biased against Coach. Argh.

Also, Cook Islands is probably my favourite season ever. So, I actually remembered who Candice is and I have NO IDEA why she was selected. Like seriously? The most notable thing she did was mutiny. At least Parvati redeemed herself during Micronesia, totally deserved a place on the villains tribe. Back to Candice. Candice the mutineer is a hero. Wow, so it's heroic to betray your tribe? But ok. Now that she's in the game, she is doing quite well so hopefully she gets to hang in there. Maybe it is a good thing to be forgettable too.

Anyways, super excited for tomorrow's episode. I swear I schedule my Fridays around Survivor. Like, ok, i'm not gonna go home too late/ sleep too early coz I have to watch the episode. Ya, i'm geeky like that. Oh wells.