Friday, November 26, 2010


Annoyed, irritated and i'm feeling a little bit like a failure. And i'm hungry. So i'm super cranky now.

I mean, think about it. Empty stomach, kinda low self esteem, and cranky coz I'm walking around, but i'm mostly sleepwalking. Ultimately it's still my fault but the other factors aren't helping. And that just adds to my overall crankiness. I hate failing but I hate disappointing even more.

Argh. Sorry guys. I swear i'll do better next time.

[Edit: 7:09pm] Argh. Just in a little bit of a funk right now. Which sucks coz I'm looking forward to the weekend. argh. i should have just done a better job just now. and now i'm just going around in circles. I'm stopping. it's just going to make me feel worse and worse. The only good thing right now is that i'm surrounded by books. yes, i'm a geek but it helps calm me down.

i just feel so bloody inadequate. I DUNNO WHY THE FEELING IS SO FRICKING STRONG. I hate this.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Glee: Never been kissed (and a little bit of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)

Total LOVE! That's what I felt about episode six of Glee season 2. There's kinda too many things going on plot wise, true but it was a really good episode. It's the kind of Glee I love, the kind that explores the characters and develop them instead of focusing on a theme that feels totally detached from the rest of the Glee-verse.

So, let's look at it in terms of the characters that were affected alright? [edit] and since this turned out to be a MUCH longer post than I had initially envisioned, I even included pictures in!

He's back from juvie and he's full of stories of how much he rocked the place and he was king. But he did commit a crime and so he's doing community service in return for parole. His community service? "Taking care" of Artie coz trash picking is too ghetto. (Please note that I have a problem with him describing it as ghetto. OMG, snobbish much you ass?)

Since I can't find a picture of Partie performing, here's one of the guys' mash-up

They did a duet of One Love at the school quad, busking for money coz "cash is king." And it was a very nice performance. :) Puck even helps Artie get a date with Brittany. At the end of the show though, it was revealed that he has been lying all along. He was terrified in juvie, and he never wants to go back again. We see a new friendship being formed: Artie hangs out with Puck to be a good influence on him and Puck hangs out with Artie and helps him feel cool. Happy ending. Yay, more character depth to Puck.

(Let's ignore the whole girls are starved for attention "you just have to be a fraction as nice to them as you were mean to them" thing ok?)

Coach Bieste
As an alternative to a cold shower, some of the Glee clubbers (ie Sam and Tina) discovered that thinking of Coach Bieste can help cool them down. Coach Bieste found out and is (obviously) hurt. She decides to quite her job. This leads to a conversation between Coach and Mr Shue where she reveals that she has never been kissed. Will kissed her, which I thought was kinda weird but it's sweet-ish so meh, whatev.

The boys then asked for her forgiveness by dedicating the 2nd annual Boys vs Girls mash-up number "Stop in the Name of Love/Free Your Mind."

I though that the girls' performance of Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer was a lot better than the guys :) They get my vote. Hahaha.

Girls mash-up!

Wow. So many things to talk about Kurt's story arc. First of all, let's get the frivolous out of the way k?

Darren Criss, Darren Criss, Darren Criss, Darren Criss, Darren Criss!! Blaine was fun. We've only seen one side of him but based on what he told Kurt, there's a lot of room for development. And Teenage Dream was a dream to watch/listen to. My god, when they released it on YouTube, I watched it countless times over the three days before the actual episode aired. More Blaine please!! Coz that means more sleek Darren :) :) :) I do miss his messy hair though. [edit] Looks like the wish for more Blaine will come true since the producers seem to be promoting Darren to become a regular cast member. WOOOTS!

Ok, now that Darren gushing is over...

Kurt is reaching the end of his rope. One of the jocks is behaving like a total "neanderthal," out to make life a living hell for Kurt, just because he's gay. And his fellow gleeks are not helping matters. Frustrated, Kurt decided to visit Dalton Academy on a supposed spying mission. In actual fact, he was trying to see life on the other side, a world where being gay does not equate to being bullied. And that's where he meets Blaine.

Darren Criss as AVPM's Harry freaking Potter y'all. Also, this is him before Glee/Blaine. Ok, maybe not the Hogwarts uniform or the HP specs. But definitely the hair and guitar.

Like I said above, Blaine is an interesting character. But I (like many others, based on the reviews and posts I've read) wonder about that advice he gave Kurt. And that's especially from the point of view of someone who ran. I mean, he don't know exactly what kind of person this neanderthal bullying Kurt is. What if Kurt gets badly injured because he took Blaine's advice? That guy is two times his size! There is always that risk!

He did come to give Kurt a hand and support later though, so I guess that works. Kinda shows that Blaine is stronger now, as compared to the guy who ran away.

One thing before I continue on. That holding hands and running down the hallway bit... A little bit cheesy no? Sweet, but just a teensy bit cheesy.

And so, with Blaine's advice of confronting the bully and a text message encouraging him, Kurt finally blew up the next time the bully shoved him into the locker. They got into a fierce shouting match, both refusing to back down. When it began getting serious and you could feel something was going to happen, the bully (who shall now be named since it looks like he'll be an important character), Dave Karofsky, leans in and gave Kurt a kiss. Would have kissed him a second time but Kurt had already pushed him away.

Instant reaction: OMG, WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED HERE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! And I immediately rewatched the scene.

Curt, standing up for himself

I'm not gay and I have never been bullied so I cannot say I understand how it must feel to be going through all this. And so I cannot really make a judgement about whether the plot twist of the bully being homophobic being cliched or not. BUT OMG, the actors, both Chris Colfer and Max Adler, acted out the scene so freaking well. Super impressed!

You could feel it. Kurt was shocked and bewildered, really totally surprised at the turn of events. Dave was confused, even pained and really had no choice but to run away. It was a very raw, emotional scene, easily the strongest scene of the ep, and (I feel) one of the top few scenes in Glee's 20++ episodes.

And really what a surprise turn of events for Max Adler I'm sure. I mean we've seen Chris do quite a number of emotional scenes before and he always delivers but suddenly this much depth for Dave, the previously one-dimensional bully?

I mean check out the scene again (it's been inverted, so that's why the courage text from Blaine is inverted):

ARGH, seriously such amazing acting from both of them!!! What a way to grab the attention of Glee fans Max! Now, nobody can stop talking about him. Haha. But yes, I'm looking forward to what will happen from here on. And check out this interview with Max Adler on Zap2it. I don't know if I like the idea of Kurtofsky--he has been really cruel to Kurt, and that's not something that is easy to forget--but there's the potential for a lot of development, so I'm looking forward to it.

Don't know how I feel about about Blurt either though. I can see Kurt falling hard for Blaine but Blaine not actually returning the feelings. And honestly, I thought that framed picture of Blaine that Kurt has on his locker is kinda weird (read a little bit creepy). I mean seriously, it's a framed photo! If it's just a casual shot maybe, but it's a framed, posed, in his school uniform kind of shot.

Now, let's move on from all the Gleekiness to my other major--probably even a lot more major--geek out topic: HARRY POTTER!!!! Total love!

So I spent part of last night (as in the Friday morning between 1.30am and 3.15am) watching... the live-stream of the red carpet event of the world premiere of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie, part 1. Basically, that means watching as the stars come to watch themselves on the big screen, being very jealous of the people who were there and were able to get autographs, not envying the people who were there because the weather was apparently freezing, and basically gushing over the various actors and actresses. Oh and listening to the interviews!

Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and Emma Watson (Hermione) are super the duper the pretty lah, omg.

The trio with the woman who started it all, J.K. Rowling

For the male side, there's always Rupert Grint (Ron), the Phelps twins (Fred and George) Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy), Tom Felton (Draco), Dan Radcliffe (Harry) as eye-candy :) Rupert and twins were top for me! haha.

I was a little bit emotional when J.K. Rowling arrived at the event. I mean, she created this world that I find so amazing, and that has been a pretty huge part of almost half my life. I can only dream of creating and/or writing a world that is half that good.

Thanks J.K. Rowling for creating this wonderful, magical world. Thank you.

Glee photo credits go to Fox. If somebody would like to claim credit for the Darren Criss (probably Starkid?) and trio+JKR photo at London premiere please leave a comment on the tagboard. thanks!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

no! don't fight :(

Argh, I actually cried watching this scene. When I first read it in the book, it was definitely one of the scenes that really affected me. Watching this clip and the guys acting it out so well... Oh and when Ron was pushing Hermione away and then shouted "Your parents are dead!" :( Rupert Grint is <3 Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley is like <3 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3....


Monday, November 08, 2010

On glee, this week.

So yay, excited about this week's episode of glee for two reasons: the long hinted at possibility that Kurt might get a boyfriend and Darren Criss is gonna be on the episode :)

Ok ya, most of the world will be questioning who the hell is Darren Criss. I would be too, if not for avpm and avps (a very potter musical/sequel). Bottomline is, he can sing, so yes, excited.  And he's Harry freaking Potter y'all.

So in anticipation of this week's episode,  let's talk about 'Duets' and the 'Rocky Horror Glee Show.'

Duets: OMG HOW CUTE/HOT IS MIKE CHANG?  I mean seriously. I spent the whole  performance of Sing (which I rewatched thrice) kyaa-ing about how cute the whole performance was! And sorry Artie, i'm very  sold on MikeXTina right now. Woohoos!

Oooh, and yay Sam :) despite the 'seriously-that'e-a-terrible-idea' Justin Bieber hair, I quite liked Sam when we  first saw him in ep 1. So yay Sam, yay MikeXTina and most of all, yay to Glee returning back to the style/concept that I first fell in love with. and on that note, I was excited but was also a little bit anxious for the next ep, which was another 'themes' episode based on the rocky horror pic show, in line with Halloween...

Rocky horror glee show: it was a pretty good ep, didn't suffer from the dysfunctionality  of the previous themed ep, britney/Brittany. Sure, Mr shue pretty much behaved like an irresponsible teacher who is using his students to try and win emma... But then I support WillXEmma so whatever lah. And toucha toucha touch me was so fun to watch!

But anyways, definitely eagerly anticipating this week's ep :) and puck will be back!

Friday, October 08, 2010

what the hell is up with the last two episodes of Glee? I love that show, I'm a super huge Gleek who is like pretty addicted to the show and the songs, but the past two episodes have been very disappointing me. Nothing wrong with the performances but come on, there must at least be SOME consideration to the idea of plot.

It has been a total "plot what plot?" kinda thing in the past two weeks. What happened to the "omg, it was such a good episode" feel that I got with episode 1?!

Brittany performing Britney's I'm A Slave for You and Kurt's I wanna hold your hand with the flashbacks of him and his dad was probably the best parts of the two episodes. Everything else felt like a waste of time to watch. Again, I say, what a disappointment.

On another note though, I've started watching Bones and just completed all available episodes and omg, WTH Tempe?!?!?!?!?!?!?! How can you push Booth away? I mean besides the fact that the David Boreanez is hot, how can it not make sense for you guys not to be tgt? And now you are all moody about the fact that he's happy with Hannah (who is still kinda one-dimensional but a likable enough character)? Producers, directors, scriptwriters! Please please please please please pair them up already!!

Yes, I'm a Booth/Brennan shipper and nothing can push me off the boat. I mean omg in season 5 they were all loveydovey (for them lah. There weren't really any real outward display of affection) it is so fricking adorable to watch them! And S5E16 is totally my favourite episode. Oooooh and and and the final scenes of the final ep of S5 and the opening scenes of S1E6. I was like "NO NO NO NO NO! DON'T LET GO!!!" when Booth let go of her hand.

Ah sigh... Sometimes it is really good to be emotionally invested in the lives of fictional characters. It takes a lot of real life away. and on that note, I am really sad that they ended the anime for Katekyo Hitman Reborn.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

The beginner cook's guide to: Sweet and sour sliced fish

I've never really bothered learning how to cook. I mean, why should I when both my aunt and my mommy are really good cooks and I know I can get good food wherever I'm at. But
with my aunt recovering from her eye surgery, I am by default the cook at home.

The first time I was given free rein of the kitchen was when my aunt was admitted to the hospital earlier this year. At that time, I had to put my mommy on speaker phone to give me step by step instructions on what and how to cook. This time round, since I remembered the basics, I was a bit braver about experimenting. Most importantly, nobody's been down with food poisoning yet, and I think it's turned out pretty well in fact =P

I have no problems cooking chicken. They are pretty easy to handle. However, fish is a bit more tricky, in my opinion. And so, I've been saying that I'll stay away from cooking fish. Thanks to easy to handle boneless fish fillet available (they usually come in like packs of three...) and my family's need to eat something besides more chicken, i've decided to be brave and experiment by trying to make fried fish with sweet and sour sauce.

Since, I'm bored, Nurul reminded me to blog and I'm just looking for more excuses to play with my new camera (the Olympus Pen EPL-1), here's an easy recipe for sweet and sour sauce (can be used with fish/chicken/shrimp) and some pictures!

Sweet and sour sliced fish

Sliced fish:
6 pieces of boneless fish fillet, cut into small pieces.
Corn flour
a little bit of minced/blended garlic

Sweet and sour sauce:
4 tbs blended onion
2 tbs blended garlic
1 1/2 tbs blended chilli (if you want it to be a little bit spicy)
6 tbs tomato sauce/ketchup (estimated. I put in 4 tbs initially but the taste wasn't enough so i just randomly threw in more. LOL, told you I was experimenting)
3 tbs chilli sauce
2 1/2 to 3 cups of water
1 1/2 tbs corn flour dissolved in water (most recipes online said that we should use corn starch. since we didn't have any at home, I improvised i.e. said a little prayer and hoped that it will work!)
various veges that you want to put inside ie bell peppers, carrots. I guess you can try experimenting with cauliflowers/broccoli also. I don't suggest putting in leafy vege though.
salt and sugar to taste

1. First step is to fry the fish. The batter is simple: mixed in the little bit of blended garlic into the beaten egg, soak the fish in the egg&garlic mixture, dunk it into the corn flour and fry! You can deep fry or shallow fry it. OR you can even try baking it in a toaster oven (been asking the family to get one for a while now. Hopefully, soon!)

The egg and cornflour needed to make the fish batter

Once this is done, you can proceed to make the sauce.

2. Two sets of stuff that you need to mix. The blended onion, garlic and chilli go into one bowl while you mix the chilli sauce, tomato sauce and water in another bowl.

3. Heat up the wok/pot that you're cooking your dish in. Once the wok/pot is heated, add in just enough oil to coat the base and put in the onion, garlic and chilli mix. Saute it until the oik separates. (The oil has risen above the rest of the mixture)

4. Put in the vege that you have. In my case I just used red and green bell peppers. However, if you're gonna use hard veges such as carrots or even cauliflowers and broccoli, you boil and soften them a bit first. Coz they're not gonna have much time to soften up in your sauce.

5. Add in the chilli sauce/tomato ketchup/water mixture. At this point, your sauce will look super watery and you (i.e. me) starts to panic a bit as sweet and sour sauce is usually thicker. Not to worry, look at step six.

6. Once the sauce in the pot has boiled, add in the corn flour/corn starch dissolved in water mixture. Make sure that it has really dissolved in the water so as to ensure minimal clumping in the sauce itself. Continue stirring the sauce in the pot and you will gradually see it thicken. (Yay, cease panicking)

See? It clumps! DISSOLVE it properly. It'll look kinda ugly if lumps like that is seen in the sauce.

7. here's the fun part: Taste testing!! taste the sauce to see if there's enough sweet and sour. If there's not enough sweet, you can put in a bit more chilli sauce or a flat tbs of sugar. If there's not enough sour, add in a bit more tomato sauce. And just to make the flavour a little bit stronger, add in salt. How much you put in depends on your own taste buds! Start with half tsp then bit by bit more until you're satisfied.

8. Finally, dump the fried fish into the pot/wok, cover and let it boil for a while more; to give the fish the chance to soak in the sauce.

This is enough to feed a family of five for lunch and dinner. Yay!

There you have it, this beginner cook's attempt at sweet and sour fish. I thought it was a very successful experiment. Haha. Some points to note though:

1. Frying the fish TOOK a damn long time. It is the easiest step but also the most time-consuming. I'm not really sure how I can multi-task though. I guess if you're baking the fish you might be able to multi-task (since you don't really have to attend to the fish--except for having to turn it over once--you can just leave it to bake.)

2. Corn starch vs corn flour. Pls ask mommy what's the difference coz I have no idea. Let me know. Maybe using the starch won't lead to clumping of the flour in the sauce?

3. Speaking of clumping: Really make sure your flour is properly dissolved. It doesn't really look very nice to have all the clumps there. And I was so worried that it might poison pple or sth. Hahaha. In the end though, it just looked like leftover bits of fish batter; so maybe there really is no need to worry?

4. Honestly, the sauce didn't really need the additional dash of salt since it's main ingredients--the chilli and tomato sauce mixture--is already strongly flavoured. I just like that it made the taste stronger. So if you want to be really healthy and avoid the salt, you can. Just give it a taste test and decide on your own.

Since my aunt needs to watch what she eats, here's some I set aside for my aunt before adding in the salt and sugar. Yay bell peppers!

5. This dish is really really dry though. So, if you like to eat your rice with a bit more soupy/gravy-ish stuff, I suggest you make a separate soup to eat with the dish. haha. The point of sweet and sour sauce is not to be soupy. It's sauce-y. Haha.

My really, really dry first meal of the day. You know that hiccup-y feeling you get when you eat something that's too dry? Happened. On a separate note, this was taken using the pop art effect on the camera.

Anyways, I'm kinda enjoying the free rein over the kitchen. It's giving me the chance to play around and experiment with food. Like the other day I tried making tamagoyaki with the help of Maki from Just Bento (same recipe, without the mirin). A little bit fail; just couldn't get it to fold nicely. Haha. I did have a bit more success with the one-egg tamagoyaki method though. I'm dying to try out some of her other stuff, such as the tofu meatballs.

Using my favourite art effect, pinhole

I'll be cooking more stuff over the next few weeks so I should probably post a few more cooking related posts too! Look out for it! And let me know if you have some easy to handle recipes for me to cook at home =D There's a tag board if you scroll down the other box.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Visit to Pets Villa

Visited an animal shelter called Pets Villa at Pasir Ris about 2 weeks ago for work. Took a lot, a lot, a lot of pics.

The shelter is run by the Animal Lovers League and they are always on the lookout for donations and sponsorships of the animals. So, if you have a little bit of cash and think you can help pay for the care of the animals, do help out! The dogs and cats are really super cute lah!!!

Anyways, here's the link to the album of the pictures I took there. Only 24 of the 100++ though coz this is the official work album. Maybe I'll upload the rest online somewhere else, some other time. Or you can just ask to see it when you see me. haha.

Since we spent time at the cat area, so yes, there is a disproportionate number of cat pictures compared to dog pics. In actual fact there are more dogs than cats. If only the shelter is nearer, I'll probably go there all the time. Seriously, the cats were pretty starved for attention I guess. The moment we entered, they practically swarmed us (well more me than my friend. LOL). So ya. Never been around that many cats before, super happy :))

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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Episode 4: Tonight We Make our Move. BEYOND AWESOME!

Episode 4 of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains is beyond awesome! It's so awesome I am blogging immediately after the show.

Things I really really liked:
1) Coach crying his eyes out. Like hello? Crybaby much? Yes, Rob did the same thing ep 2 but it's totally different too. And at least he managed to get out of the funk mostly on his own. Coach needed Rob, the subject of his man-crush to comfort him and tell him to be a man. I seriously am amazed at Tyson's sensibleness. Yes, then everybody won't have Coach's weirdness to talk about but at least it will help him stand out less? Honestly, how can somebody who had just finished crying his eyes out call himself King Arthur, or the last of the Mohicans? Also, he keeps on saying about how noble he is. Get real, if you are that noble, you won't be on the villains tribe dude.
2) The scramble to find the HII. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Poor idol that had to live in Tom's socks for a day though. Haha. Can't believe Russell is insistently searching for the idol. Read the atmosphere, everybody is dying to kick you out already! Gotta love Rob for that 'Hobbit on crack comment.'
3) Jeff Probst giving the Heroes a piece of his mind at trible council. The man was on fire. He told them straightout what he thought of them and essentially pointed out HOW STUPID THEY ARE! I really, really, really, really (multiply that by infinity) want a chance to dig through Jeff Probst's brain and just talk all about Survivor with him. I'm afraid that I might be way tooooo startstruck to actually talk to him though if I ever get the chance to dig his brain. Oh, and if he brings along Boston Rob, I don't hink I'll be way too starstruck, I know I will be. the chance to talk to both Rob and Jeff at the same time? That's like my version of heaven man.  (yes, yes. I know I am a bit Rob obssessed)
4)BEST THING EVER! The look of shock on Candice's face after Jeff announced that Cirie is the 4th person voted out. They were all so smug, thinking that Colby will be going home since Tom played his idol but ZOMG! JT flipped and voted for Cirie instead. Way to go JT. Finally something worth remembering you for. I mean, I've been sort of remembering him as the guy who was in Toncantins with Coach and the subject of Coach's first man-crush. (I was rooting for Stephen by the way, during Toncantins)
5) A replay of the challenge that never was from last season. Watching Russell Swan conk out while playing that challenge was scary so it was nice to see the completed injury free version =P And unless I see wrongly, next week's challenge might also be a repeat of a Samoa challenge, the one that had Jeff sending people out coz they weren't playing by the rules.

Things I didn't like:
Ahaha. the answer is none. Like I said, this episode was beyond awesome! I enjoyed practically every second of it.

And yes, this blog is becoming a bit of a Survivor's blog. Oops =P
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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Later, on the beach, Russell shares the conversation with Parvati. She talks about Coach, saying, “He is demented.” She sarcastically tells us she doesn’t know why people want to vote out a “sweet, innocent, little girl” like her. She adds that she doesn’t know who else to hook up with strategically besides Russell. She doesn’t trust anybody but him – and she does trust him even if he is “kind of a lunatic.”
Russell is stupid if he believes this particular statement. and while I agree that Coach is demented, I think Parvati is really smart. And Russell is being even more of an ass this season. I think he's just letting the fact that he's is considered one of the top 10 survivor villains get to his head. I was super excited at the fact that he was in HvsV but he's behaviour so far has been really disappointing.

Ah well, we'll see.

On another note, flashforward is starting Mar 18 and glee is starting Apr 13. Sooooo excited for it!! Woots =))

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Survivor XX heroes vs villains

So, if you were to ask me what show right now deserves a lot of hype, I'll most definitely gush about my latest tv obsession, SURVIVOR 20: HEROES VS VILLAINS!!

Yaya, most people will be like: "Siti, you are still watching survivor? It's so totally scripted..." Honestly I don't care. The challenges alone have always been able to keep me drawn in but this season is so fun!

2 episodes have aired and neither have disappointed. Well, I'm hoping that it will continue going strong. I mean, for the past 2 or 3 seasons, I've been watching Survivor mainly for the challenges. Then once the immunity challenge ends, I'll just go back into my room or sth and like, who cares about the scrambling back at camp? Not this time. I guess I just have a weakness for all star seasons? I loved the first one, and while I didn't particularly enjoyed micronesia, I am super psyched for heroes vs villains so far.

And I don't think it's just the irresistible (to me at least. I am such a huge fan!) lure of Boston Rob. And while he cannot spell Philippines properly (The Amazing Race All-Stars), he can definitely solve them puzzles. It's great watching him solve puzzles and really, why can't he and Russell team up already? I'm not really a fan of Russell (although I thought he deserved the win more than Natalie did, boo) but I do believe that an R&R alliance will be pretty dynamite. Russell's being kinda dumb and seems to have this sense of self-entitlement this season somehow.

Of course it is not all good. How can anybody put Coach and Tyson on the same level as Rob (both Boston and ROb C), Russell, Richard Hatch or even (the now quitter, no more a villain) Johnny Fairplay?! And will Tyson please not wear those stupid short short boxer shorts of his to challenges? We dun particularly want to see your package ya know. And the 'budding romance between Coach and Jerri?" Erm, NO! Sorry, Jerri. Nothing wrong with you. I'm just extremely biased against Coach. Argh.

Also, Cook Islands is probably my favourite season ever. So, I actually remembered who Candice is and I have NO IDEA why she was selected. Like seriously? The most notable thing she did was mutiny. At least Parvati redeemed herself during Micronesia, totally deserved a place on the villains tribe. Back to Candice. Candice the mutineer is a hero. Wow, so it's heroic to betray your tribe? But ok. Now that she's in the game, she is doing quite well so hopefully she gets to hang in there. Maybe it is a good thing to be forgettable too.

Anyways, super excited for tomorrow's episode. I swear I schedule my Fridays around Survivor. Like, ok, i'm not gonna go home too late/ sleep too early coz I have to watch the episode. Ya, i'm geeky like that. Oh wells.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I really should start going out of my house earlier. It's like 9.06 am now and i'm still nowhere near work. maybe 1/4 of the way through? bleahs.

anyways, i'm excited with the series that I'm working on with Eunice! We are basically trying out different jobs as a way of understanding what goes on behind the scenes. Funs! We've done housekeeping and cinema usher. Looking forward to postman today, Nparks tmr and Sentosa next week. Zoo and Bird Park scheduled for next week. woohoos!

so for those of you still occasionally reading my blog, head on down to youth.SG and look out for my articles and the articles in this series!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1 1/2 weeks into internship. its been fun and seriously, people are great.

my immunity level feels low though. sigh. PLEASE DON'T GET SICK! I don't want to deal with the admin nightmare (contacting SAO etc). Had a scare this morning when I thought I was developing a fever. thank goodness it disappeared with my shower.

anyhoos, i'm pretty oriented and mostly having fun at work. woots.