Saturday, December 12, 2009

More more more more GLEE!!

I'm a total Gleek!

I've been just one step away from registering myself as a 100% Glee fan and this week's finale episode totally cemented it for me.

The story lines were all tied-up brilliantly, leaving us anticipating more for the future (WILL&EMMA FTW!!). And the songs!! Rachel singing "Don't Rain On My Parade" was ZOMG for me. Well, the whole cast is just soo freaking talented seriously.

And nope Steph, Glee is better than High School Musical, like by 10 times at least.

I'm glad the that all the baby issues have been worked out. Both Mr Shue and Finn didn't deserve to be tricked that way. Finn really got quite a bit of character development here, and I'm glad coz I hope people will finally start showing him some love.

Of course, funny moments aplenty too. That huge conference call scene to make sure Rachel won't blab (and the revelation about Brittany and Santana, hmmm) was beyond hilarious! I really love how much Tina's character has grown and developed btw.

Also, as much as I don't like Sue Sylvester, it cannot be denied that she add such an invaluable comic element to the episodes. I hope we can get one episode without Sue and her hatefulness though but I know not many glee fans would agree with me, so at least, i got to savour Will Shuester's 10 second victory over Sue =))) Can't deny that both Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison are just wonderful actors.

On another note, how can anybody NOT be entertained by the judges deliberation as to who deserved to win Sectionals. Brilliant move by the sectionals' organisers to pick three people with no music qualifcations to judge a show choir competition. I mean it just ups the funny level. Hmmm, wonder how many competitions are actually judged this way: "If I had to pick a group I hate the least..."

Love the final performance, the New Directions version of "My Life Would Suck Without You." And of course, the rather cliched but totally anticipated and loved Will&Emma moment. Go away Terri, Will doesn't need you anymore!!

Ah sighs, looks like I'll have to wait until April to watch the next half of the season, just like flashforward. =(( Shall go into Glee and Flashforward withdrawal now.


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