Wednesday, December 09, 2009

i was going to check and see if there's a new Bleach/how i met your mother/big bang theory episode up but when I saw my homepage, I thought I should blog in. hahaha.

Anyways, YES! the exams hell is finally over. But internship's coming up. Ah wells, the experience will be good. and it should be fun too =))

last friday, 9th Dec, was the French students idol. yay to Jessica and Charlene for the win! Not trying to be biased or anything but they do sound great. Love it. AND we all loved "shiny dress!!" one of the contestants was wearing this little black/dark green sequins dress which was slinky and just glittery shiny all over. We loved looking at it, to the point that we could hardly pay attention to her singing. Oops. I remembered that she sounded good but her dress was so much more fun to pay attention too. HAHAHAHAH.

Oh and it was like shiny clothes/shawl wearing day or sth. Coz Thu and I was both wearing shawls while we saw somebody wearing shiny pants later on at the train station. woohoos to accidental themed days.

also, the pervasiveness of facebook (and restaurant city, which I really should go back to playing) really hits when you walk pass 3 push carts shops and the sales assistants are all playing Restaurant City on their laptops.

alright, the new Bleach/how i met your mother/Big Bang Theory episodes are out so I shall go stream them. And going out to catch a movie later. Excited!!


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