Friday, September 04, 2009

argh. i accidentally (obviously, who would do that on purpose) scalded myself when carrying a dish to the table this morning. Now my thumbs are tingling. I think its becoming numb though, it no longer hurts, just tingles....

shall go to sleep in a while. just had the urge to whine about this. hahaha.

cheers =))

Thursday, September 03, 2009

i just realise that my new layout has no title bar. darn.

but anyways, another COM401 lecture and i didn't skip it =) woots. ok fine, i skipped the monday lecture so ya... must make-up for that. haha. besides, i have a weekly task for the thursday lectures.

and at least it's duffy's lecture today. he always have entertaining stories. now he's talking about some guy who was bullied back in his school and now changed his name to duke and is now super successful.

ok. shall stop random-ly posting now. probably gg to watch so you think you can dance while lecture is still gg on. lols