Thursday, August 27, 2009

lecture on thurs...

is the time for you to see me online or to see me on facebook. haha. i'm online more often when i'm in school then when i'm at home. haha.

it rained today =( spoilt our plans to use the amphitheatre as a voting booth.

ok... i'm basically trying to keep myself entertained during COM401 lecture. sighs. i'm playing tower bloxx too =) hahaha.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

rain rain go away, come again later in the day!

it's raining so fricking heavily. I can't make my way to CS in this rain! argh....

edit (8.54pm): here in CS now after walking through the rain and sacrificing bits of my COM401 reading.

school. sigh

it's the third week of school and while i'm still not "used" to school, i'm slowly digging myself out of that world of denial where i tell myself i don't have school and don't have responsibilities. seriously speaking, i can probably keep myself in that world for a looong time but it will just be destructive to myself if i dun start doing what needs to be done, ie school. sighs.

anyways, this is super long overdue but bangkok was brilliant =)) well ZJ has pictures up on facebook, jeanette has the clubbing pics up and i will, sooner or later, get around to posting up the pictures taken with my camera. nothing fancy on those, just dumb tourist photos which are fun to take. haha.

and shopping there was really brilliant. I was never the shop till you drop kind of person, but that's ALL we did there. Going from one place to another basically means going from one shopping place to another. Chatuchak and Platinum were total loves =)))) especially platinum. I mean, the fact that we spent 2 days there said something about the place. i definitely spent most of my money there. in the end, S$370 was not enough. I changed another S$30 in Thailand. I was really glad i went (despite all the things about H1N1 etc) and my three Bangkok buddies (Zi Jie, Bernie, Jeanette) were great company. The only drawback would be that it was hard for me to find food but oh wells, that's what I packed instant noodles for. For those NOT on a halal diet, the food is good and a must try. It is just so much richer and more flavoured somehow. I think the Thais really like spices and flavour in their food. It really shows.

ok that's all for now. school is school and nobody wants to hear me gripe/complain/whine about STARs coz they have their own STARs issues so ya.