Thursday, July 16, 2009

tired but so fricking excited!

argh. I haven't really had a break since FOC started except for when I decided to ignore ALL my responsibilities and just stay at home on Tuesday. But i was back out and about yesterday. Ok here's how my schedule was like:

6-10 July (Mon to fri) FOC. While I didn't stay over I did pretty much participate in most activities and that means coming back home late and gg out early almost everyday. So ya, no break the whole week.
Photobucket the scotto guys and gals!

11th July (Sat) Slept in until quite late then Alfred's gift hunting before Alfred's birthday party. Yet another go home late thing. But the party was fun Alfred!!

me and sinnee. mainly me in the hat though. lols me in the hat =) and sinnee too of course.
me and bibi flying away!flying away!
FaBuLouS FaBuLouS love!
with the birthday boy! with the birthday boy!
who cares about the birthday boy =P who cares about the birthday boy =P
the 4 funky pple at Alfred's party =) cool and funky woots!

12th July (Sun) Supposed to have a meeting with ADdiction. but was held up by some family stuff. Which was also tiring and argh. wish things would work out fast though.

13th July (Mon) Meet up with the Bangkok gang to plan itinerary and just chat. soooo looking forward to Sunday. woohoos!

14th July (Tue) Should have actually gone up to school for sth but was just too tired of gg out =(

15th July (Wed) Hung out with Siti & gang and Caleb (the human not the laptop). No pictures but full of fun nonsensical talk. yay! Our new names are Iris Goh, Chloe Tan, Magenta Siti Rozianti and Slate Caleb Ng.

16th July (Today) Meetings day... Supposed to meet up with Mingyi later at one but tired. Just gave her a call and talk it through on the phone. Also sent her a looooong e-mail. so that's one meeting down. shall head down to boon lay later to change sg money to thai bhat (!) then go over to dhoby ghaut to meet anisha. after which I'll head over to SMU for the CI Club meeting. sighs. talk about tiring.

17th July (tmr, Fri) Scotto outing! Sentosa then ben&jerry. Would have to go school first in the morning though. After that then will join them in Sentosa. or if not, i'll just join them for ice-cream. the most impt thing. hahahah.

18th July (Sat) Rest a bit in the morning then Christine's party! which also equals an SYC meet-up. I miss you guys! Can't wait to just hang out and our usual nonsense talk. of course i'll be accompanied by my luggage though, so just ignore that. hahaha.
after that, head down to bernie's house to sleep for a few hours. then....

19th July (Sun) 6++ am, on my virgin airflight. hopefully we do get to seat near each other. haha.

19th July 8++am to 23rd July noon-ish: I will (hopefully) be having a lot of fun in Bangkok!! just hope we don't get bored of each other. hahah. I'm soooo looking forward to it.

2 more days to place orders if you want anything! nothing too big/expensive though. otherwise money upfront please! hahaha.


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