Monday, June 08, 2009

the day after yesterday

yes, it's another post about the weather.


but, humidity is still relatively low, so i'm good =) just need lotsa lipbalm coz my lips get dry really easily.


Sunday, June 07, 2009


I declare today's weather as a damn good one. look out the window and see if you don't agree with me. Let me list the two main reasons why:

  1. Relatively low humidity: I can walk around the house without needing to have the fan on me at all times. Heck, I can even go out without sweating buckets. So, I'm grateful to Allah for today's weather.
  2. The second reason is of course: NO SUN GLARING DOWN AT YOU! in fact, it even rained. like when was the last time that happened? haahah.

Ok, yes. I know it seems to be a whole new low to be talking about the weather but, i'm just impressed and feeling very happy about it so i had to blog about it. hahahha. hey, at least i'm blogging.

On another note, I AM FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT MY OWN BANGKOK TRIP IN JULY!! woots. to my bangkok buddies (Jea, ZJ and Bernie): yayness! we'll make sure to have lotsa fun k??

On yet another note, I super hearts Clay Aiken! For those of you who thinks that I may be over him, perish the thought. i mean, he has such an extremely brilliant voice can? i can just listen to him sing many many many times... But I don't like his current bleached blonde look. He looks better with dark hair and bang-ish fringe. Baby Parker is sooo cute though =)

damn it. I want his On My Way Here album and his Playlist album too! anybody who can get that for me is somebody I will forever be grateful to! hahahah. I especially want his Playlist album coz it's like a "best of" CD with all of my favourite songs!

Ok, enough Clay Aiken gushing. I actually like Kris a bit more than Adam although Adam does have a brilliant voice too.

With that, I shall end here. Felt like there was somehting else I wanna talk about but i seem to have forgotten so... forget it.