Wednesday, March 18, 2009


waiting for 226 tutorial to start now. sighs. filming modules are fun but they are soooo freaking tiring i feel =(

and today's gg to be a superbly long day. [TBC]

haha. started it out during the break but now continuing it in bio pop class.

watching clips from ultraviolet now. lols to the scriptwriter who doesn't do his homework =P

anyways, as i was saying, today is goona be a superbly long day. the only good thing was that there's no 258 tutorial. so no need to wake up so early. but still, there's fete finale tonight. should be exciting but still damn tiring. sighs.

and ystd's failed filming progress was bad too. well, at least i managed to learn how to make cheesecake from danielle. haha. it was fun ystd danielle! damn tiring and disappointing on the filming side but well, we tried our best.

ok. i shall stop rambling on this pointless post. let's hope i get through this hell week safely. my group still need to do our filming for 226 and i still have to come up with a story for 226. sighs. I WANT TO DO NOTHING =(

looking on the bright side though i CAN'T WAIT to meet up with the SYC05 people at our picnic this sunday! yayness!


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