Tuesday, January 06, 2009

ringing in the new year =) Part II

Hey all. So here comes August to December 2008:


Fettucine first outing =) LOL. We were kinda groupless during FOC so we made our own group.


Look at how happy Bernie is to be eating her pasta. =P

And just because this was done in August, let me put up what I did for my photo montage assignment (COM206)



It may have been fasting month but it definitely didn't stop us from going out =)

Let's start with the family visit to Geylang

Do-Re-Mi. The little girl in front is probably going to be the most spoilt of all the cousins coz she's just so cute and pretty and she has like many many older sisters and brothers who pretty much dote on her. LOL.

and here I am the doting auntie with 5-month old Daniell =) =) Told you he's fat now =P

After geylang I actually managed to join some of the SYC-ers after they had dinner.

at esplanade while listening to some Mat band perform.

With Tristan! =)

There was also a dinner with Faiz, Bibi and Wani but unfortunately... I only have very weird, unglam photos so I shall not post them up. LOL.

How can I forget 16th CI Club investiture?


And finally the COM206 six stills assignment starring Faiz and Zul =)

a few of my friends say they like this picture best. Got action like that. LOL.

Thanks lots you two for helping me out with my assignment. and extra thanks to Faiz for the camera =) Did i tell you guys my grade? haha. B+ for this one =D

Birthday and also Raya. yay!

Here's Raya with the family =)
first day baju =)

the October babies!

My mummy and the rest of my family =) (including the cute nephew!! LOL. told you i'm a rather doting aunt. hahahah)

Next, Raya with friends!

an Innova science and arts Raya =)

Birthday. Didn't do much this year but here's the celebration with the 16th CI Club.
LOL. If Jason and I were born in the same year, I would have been TWO days older. hahaha

Still doing work even with that cake in his hand. Boss ah....

Look at how Pedro is sooo smiling for the camera although Grace and Jin was busy with work stuff. hahahahah. classic pedders can?

October also meant the final COM206 assignment, the video project. Something screwed up with the 1st one so we ended up doing a second video.(total rush for that second one.)
Here's a picture of us with the star of the 1st attempt.
And this is the final video starring.... Jason Khor. Thanks so much for starring Jason =D =D

Moving on to November. It may have been exams month but who says we can't have fun after that =P

CI Club chalet:
It is cat filled and pretty fun-filled too. haha. hey we even went into OCH, but early in the morning. LOL. Not at night. hahaha.
the cat-filled chalet. This kitten was my favourite. SOOOOO CUTE!
One of the tallest uno stacko tower i've ever played.
the insides of OCH.

Family picnic!
More or less the whole family. haha.
The ladies of the family. At last count, we had 20++(almost 30) male cousins and about 8-9 female cousins. WTH right?
me and my sis. awaiting verdict of whether we look alike or not =)

There were also a lot of SYC rehearsals but no pics for those. haha. Oh wait, there's a video though:

Highlight of December seems to always be SYC. This year, helped Khairi out with cultural night. Here's some photos of the day itself:
And here's the video!

OK this post is long enough already and I still need to go to school!!!! LOL. Shall do up Red cross gathering and I hate Christmas Parties in a separate post later on this week. <3


Friday, January 02, 2009

ringing in the new year =)

Hellos all and welcome to my first post of the year 2009. Do i have any resolutions or am i gonna make any promises to update my blog more often? Well... No. LOL. it's not that i hate the idea of blogging or I don't have interesting things to talk about. But, you guys know me. haha. I'm just bloody lazy lah.

Anyways, let's just run through the year with various photos. How about that? So what I've done is actually looked through my photo albums and i'm gonna just put in photos for some (most?) of the events/outings etc i've gone through this whole year =)


Wonder if you guys remembered us getting together for this dinner? LOL! Hmmm. Should we meet up for another dinner or sth soon?


Malay Class outing, after 4 years of being outing-less. LOL. in fact, this was probably the first time I met Johan since graduating from JSS.

Another February event would be the Footdrill competition where the juniors did themselves proud by getting nationals champion. Good job guys! and that's why i got the chance to take a picture with the challenge plaque =D =D
(sorry that their picture is damn small though. seems to be the size stored in my comp. LOL)


Khairi's and Mus's commisioning parade! Followed by the SYC alumni BBQ thingy after that. haha. which was also the first time i spent (ok fine. shared with 2 other pple) $50++ on taxi fare for travel from pasir ris to boon lay with midnight surcharge. Gah, the horror.

April was exam month. LOL. seems like i did no going out. LOL. But but but, it was also my nephew's birth month =) Welcome Muhd Shai'zryan Daniell Bin Muhd Shairull to the family =)

Can't remember where I put his newborn photo. LOL. so this is him, one month old. He is now short and fat though. LOL. cute short and fat but still.... =P Please Daniell don't be fat like your father k?

Seems like a relatively busy month. first up: Seniors' Camp

1st photo was Zi Jie and I with Arthur the lettuce, who would later be tossed around in a game of captain's ball =P
2nd photo: the ghosts that haunted level 5 during seniors' camp's fright night =) Look at how bloody butcher teh peng is. LOL

Next up, 14th May, SYC dinner.

This was also a belated birthday celebration for kak yani and eda =)

Finally would be the slightly less successful 2nd Malay class outing. There was like me, bibi, nurul and faiz can?

So are we ever going to have another Malay class gathering? LOL

Basically was superbly busy with preparations for FOC. I think zoo trip was probably in here somewhere too? But dunno where my pictures went. LOL

Here's some meeting pics. we are a lively bunch can.

To do an item or not to do an item.

Jinyong LOVED playing with the body =P

See how focused Ruiqi is in practicing how to throw Jason's body down. =P

Finally, the big event, FOC.

Seniors learning the mass dance! "Jump! For my love. Jump in..."

Amazing Race station master partner, Bernie. Man, we were stuck at Toa Payoh park for dunno how long lah. LOL

I love love love this photo that Zoe took the first day while we were preparing for Telematch. Look at all the pretty colours =) =)

The 2 ghosts that haunted the 5th floot female toilets during fright night. My only disappointment is that I don't have a picture of the head on a platter ghost. sighs.

After FOC, comes the fun during out post-FOC chalet =)

1st night after everybody came back from K Box-ing. Some were working, some were playing mahjong, some were playing video games and others were very noisily playing on the PS2. (GAH! RAVING RABBIDS!!!)
Man. the chocolate covered fruit (coz we each bought a different fruit) was nice..... and fattening but let's not think about that. fruit's are healthy after all =P

After gamely trying out the stone walk thingy. We were squealing in PAIN!!!

2nd night was the night where Joan, Christine, Thad taught me mahjong. LOL. They were so proud of their accomplishment can. haha. i still have trouble reading the direction characters though. hahah.

And another July outing: the 3 people IJC arts outing. hahahah. Can't find the photo of the 3 of us (me, wani, fil) so I shall just post this photo of me and fil in which i look so so so damn fat. bleahs.

Ok. I'm tired. Watch this space for part 2 (August to December 2008) which will come out LATEST by Sunday night. I promise!! LOL.