Wednesday, December 16, 2009


In less than a month, i'll start on my internship. And I have to say that I'm 1/2 terrified. Other work experience just doesn't feel the same. Maybe coz my grades do ride on how well I do work. I don't think I'll screw up badly but that part of me that can be overly paranoid and insecure is just a teensy weensy bit scared. Darn.

I'm looking forward to keeping myself occupied for the next few days so that I can take my mind off things I guess.

ah well.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just for kicks, here's the songs from Season 1 Episode 13 of Glee, "Sectionals"

"And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going"
Originally by: Jennifer Holliday
Glee-fied by:Amber Riley (Mercedes)

"Don't Rain On My Parade"
Originally by: Barbra Streisand
Glee-fied by:Lea Michele (Rachel)

"You Can't Always Get What You Want"
Originally by: the Rolling Stones
Glee-fied by: New Directions

"My Life Would Suck Without You"
Originally by: Kelly Clarkson
Glee-fied by: New Directions

More more more more GLEE!!

I'm a total Gleek!

I've been just one step away from registering myself as a 100% Glee fan and this week's finale episode totally cemented it for me.

The story lines were all tied-up brilliantly, leaving us anticipating more for the future (WILL&EMMA FTW!!). And the songs!! Rachel singing "Don't Rain On My Parade" was ZOMG for me. Well, the whole cast is just soo freaking talented seriously.

And nope Steph, Glee is better than High School Musical, like by 10 times at least.

I'm glad the that all the baby issues have been worked out. Both Mr Shue and Finn didn't deserve to be tricked that way. Finn really got quite a bit of character development here, and I'm glad coz I hope people will finally start showing him some love.

Of course, funny moments aplenty too. That huge conference call scene to make sure Rachel won't blab (and the revelation about Brittany and Santana, hmmm) was beyond hilarious! I really love how much Tina's character has grown and developed btw.

Also, as much as I don't like Sue Sylvester, it cannot be denied that she add such an invaluable comic element to the episodes. I hope we can get one episode without Sue and her hatefulness though but I know not many glee fans would agree with me, so at least, i got to savour Will Shuester's 10 second victory over Sue =))) Can't deny that both Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison are just wonderful actors.

On another note, how can anybody NOT be entertained by the judges deliberation as to who deserved to win Sectionals. Brilliant move by the sectionals' organisers to pick three people with no music qualifcations to judge a show choir competition. I mean it just ups the funny level. Hmmm, wonder how many competitions are actually judged this way: "If I had to pick a group I hate the least..."

Love the final performance, the New Directions version of "My Life Would Suck Without You." And of course, the rather cliched but totally anticipated and loved Will&Emma moment. Go away Terri, Will doesn't need you anymore!!

Ah sighs, looks like I'll have to wait until April to watch the next half of the season, just like flashforward. =(( Shall go into Glee and Flashforward withdrawal now.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

i was going to check and see if there's a new Bleach/how i met your mother/big bang theory episode up but when I saw my homepage, I thought I should blog in. hahaha.

Anyways, YES! the exams hell is finally over. But internship's coming up. Ah wells, the experience will be good. and it should be fun too =))

last friday, 9th Dec, was the French students idol. yay to Jessica and Charlene for the win! Not trying to be biased or anything but they do sound great. Love it. AND we all loved "shiny dress!!" one of the contestants was wearing this little black/dark green sequins dress which was slinky and just glittery shiny all over. We loved looking at it, to the point that we could hardly pay attention to her singing. Oops. I remembered that she sounded good but her dress was so much more fun to pay attention too. HAHAHAHAH.

Oh and it was like shiny clothes/shawl wearing day or sth. Coz Thu and I was both wearing shawls while we saw somebody wearing shiny pants later on at the train station. woohoos to accidental themed days.

also, the pervasiveness of facebook (and restaurant city, which I really should go back to playing) really hits when you walk pass 3 push carts shops and the sales assistants are all playing Restaurant City on their laptops.

alright, the new Bleach/how i met your mother/Big Bang Theory episodes are out so I shall go stream them. And going out to catch a movie later. Excited!!


Friday, September 04, 2009

argh. i accidentally (obviously, who would do that on purpose) scalded myself when carrying a dish to the table this morning. Now my thumbs are tingling. I think its becoming numb though, it no longer hurts, just tingles....

shall go to sleep in a while. just had the urge to whine about this. hahaha.

cheers =))

Thursday, September 03, 2009

i just realise that my new layout has no title bar. darn.

but anyways, another COM401 lecture and i didn't skip it =) woots. ok fine, i skipped the monday lecture so ya... must make-up for that. haha. besides, i have a weekly task for the thursday lectures.

and at least it's duffy's lecture today. he always have entertaining stories. now he's talking about some guy who was bullied back in his school and now changed his name to duke and is now super successful.

ok. shall stop random-ly posting now. probably gg to watch so you think you can dance while lecture is still gg on. lols


Thursday, August 27, 2009

lecture on thurs...

is the time for you to see me online or to see me on facebook. haha. i'm online more often when i'm in school then when i'm at home. haha.

it rained today =( spoilt our plans to use the amphitheatre as a voting booth.

ok... i'm basically trying to keep myself entertained during COM401 lecture. sighs. i'm playing tower bloxx too =) hahaha.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

rain rain go away, come again later in the day!

it's raining so fricking heavily. I can't make my way to CS in this rain! argh....

edit (8.54pm): here in CS now after walking through the rain and sacrificing bits of my COM401 reading.

school. sigh

it's the third week of school and while i'm still not "used" to school, i'm slowly digging myself out of that world of denial where i tell myself i don't have school and don't have responsibilities. seriously speaking, i can probably keep myself in that world for a looong time but it will just be destructive to myself if i dun start doing what needs to be done, ie school. sighs.

anyways, this is super long overdue but bangkok was brilliant =)) well ZJ has pictures up on facebook, jeanette has the clubbing pics up and i will, sooner or later, get around to posting up the pictures taken with my camera. nothing fancy on those, just dumb tourist photos which are fun to take. haha.

and shopping there was really brilliant. I was never the shop till you drop kind of person, but that's ALL we did there. Going from one place to another basically means going from one shopping place to another. Chatuchak and Platinum were total loves =)))) especially platinum. I mean, the fact that we spent 2 days there said something about the place. i definitely spent most of my money there. in the end, S$370 was not enough. I changed another S$30 in Thailand. I was really glad i went (despite all the things about H1N1 etc) and my three Bangkok buddies (Zi Jie, Bernie, Jeanette) were great company. The only drawback would be that it was hard for me to find food but oh wells, that's what I packed instant noodles for. For those NOT on a halal diet, the food is good and a must try. It is just so much richer and more flavoured somehow. I think the Thais really like spices and flavour in their food. It really shows.

ok that's all for now. school is school and nobody wants to hear me gripe/complain/whine about STARs coz they have their own STARs issues so ya.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

tired but so fricking excited!

argh. I haven't really had a break since FOC started except for when I decided to ignore ALL my responsibilities and just stay at home on Tuesday. But i was back out and about yesterday. Ok here's how my schedule was like:

6-10 July (Mon to fri) FOC. While I didn't stay over I did pretty much participate in most activities and that means coming back home late and gg out early almost everyday. So ya, no break the whole week.
Photobucket the scotto guys and gals!

11th July (Sat) Slept in until quite late then Alfred's gift hunting before Alfred's birthday party. Yet another go home late thing. But the party was fun Alfred!!

me and sinnee. mainly me in the hat though. lols me in the hat =) and sinnee too of course.
me and bibi flying away!flying away!
FaBuLouS FaBuLouS love!
with the birthday boy! with the birthday boy!
who cares about the birthday boy =P who cares about the birthday boy =P
the 4 funky pple at Alfred's party =) cool and funky woots!

12th July (Sun) Supposed to have a meeting with ADdiction. but was held up by some family stuff. Which was also tiring and argh. wish things would work out fast though.

13th July (Mon) Meet up with the Bangkok gang to plan itinerary and just chat. soooo looking forward to Sunday. woohoos!

14th July (Tue) Should have actually gone up to school for sth but was just too tired of gg out =(

15th July (Wed) Hung out with Siti & gang and Caleb (the human not the laptop). No pictures but full of fun nonsensical talk. yay! Our new names are Iris Goh, Chloe Tan, Magenta Siti Rozianti and Slate Caleb Ng.

16th July (Today) Meetings day... Supposed to meet up with Mingyi later at one but tired. Just gave her a call and talk it through on the phone. Also sent her a looooong e-mail. so that's one meeting down. shall head down to boon lay later to change sg money to thai bhat (!) then go over to dhoby ghaut to meet anisha. after which I'll head over to SMU for the CI Club meeting. sighs. talk about tiring.

17th July (tmr, Fri) Scotto outing! Sentosa then ben&jerry. Would have to go school first in the morning though. After that then will join them in Sentosa. or if not, i'll just join them for ice-cream. the most impt thing. hahahah.

18th July (Sat) Rest a bit in the morning then Christine's party! which also equals an SYC meet-up. I miss you guys! Can't wait to just hang out and our usual nonsense talk. of course i'll be accompanied by my luggage though, so just ignore that. hahaha.
after that, head down to bernie's house to sleep for a few hours. then....

19th July (Sun) 6++ am, on my virgin airflight. hopefully we do get to seat near each other. haha.

19th July 8++am to 23rd July noon-ish: I will (hopefully) be having a lot of fun in Bangkok!! just hope we don't get bored of each other. hahah. I'm soooo looking forward to it.

2 more days to place orders if you want anything! nothing too big/expensive though. otherwise money upfront please! hahaha.


Monday, June 08, 2009

the day after yesterday

yes, it's another post about the weather.


but, humidity is still relatively low, so i'm good =) just need lotsa lipbalm coz my lips get dry really easily.


Sunday, June 07, 2009


I declare today's weather as a damn good one. look out the window and see if you don't agree with me. Let me list the two main reasons why:

  1. Relatively low humidity: I can walk around the house without needing to have the fan on me at all times. Heck, I can even go out without sweating buckets. So, I'm grateful to Allah for today's weather.
  2. The second reason is of course: NO SUN GLARING DOWN AT YOU! in fact, it even rained. like when was the last time that happened? haahah.

Ok, yes. I know it seems to be a whole new low to be talking about the weather but, i'm just impressed and feeling very happy about it so i had to blog about it. hahahha. hey, at least i'm blogging.

On another note, I AM FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT MY OWN BANGKOK TRIP IN JULY!! woots. to my bangkok buddies (Jea, ZJ and Bernie): yayness! we'll make sure to have lotsa fun k??

On yet another note, I super hearts Clay Aiken! For those of you who thinks that I may be over him, perish the thought. i mean, he has such an extremely brilliant voice can? i can just listen to him sing many many many times... But I don't like his current bleached blonde look. He looks better with dark hair and bang-ish fringe. Baby Parker is sooo cute though =)

damn it. I want his On My Way Here album and his Playlist album too! anybody who can get that for me is somebody I will forever be grateful to! hahahah. I especially want his Playlist album coz it's like a "best of" CD with all of my favourite songs!

Ok, enough Clay Aiken gushing. I actually like Kris a bit more than Adam although Adam does have a brilliant voice too.

With that, I shall end here. Felt like there was somehting else I wanna talk about but i seem to have forgotten so... forget it.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


waiting for 226 tutorial to start now. sighs. filming modules are fun but they are soooo freaking tiring i feel =(

and today's gg to be a superbly long day. [TBC]

haha. started it out during the break but now continuing it in bio pop class.

watching clips from ultraviolet now. lols to the scriptwriter who doesn't do his homework =P

anyways, as i was saying, today is goona be a superbly long day. the only good thing was that there's no 258 tutorial. so no need to wake up so early. but still, there's fete finale tonight. should be exciting but still damn tiring. sighs.

and ystd's failed filming progress was bad too. well, at least i managed to learn how to make cheesecake from danielle. haha. it was fun ystd danielle! damn tiring and disappointing on the filming side but well, we tried our best.

ok. i shall stop rambling on this pointless post. let's hope i get through this hell week safely. my group still need to do our filming for 226 and i still have to come up with a story for 226. sighs. I WANT TO DO NOTHING =(

looking on the bright side though i CAN'T WAIT to meet up with the SYC05 people at our picnic this sunday! yayness!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

just because

well, since I'm already on blogger i might as well leave a post.

man, what a sleepy half-zombie i am right now really. I've been doing lots of work, sleeping late and I got caught in the rain yesterday and now i'm just feeling damn sleepy. I'm just hoping not to fall sick again coz I just recovered lah.
thanks to khairi, jonathan and jack for like trying to make sure i stay awake in class. hahaha.

i'm now with bibi sitting outside lt7 doing this. lol. and watching random YouTube videos. i do have some work to do but i'm not really updated on what i'm supposed to do so i've sort of got nothing to do. LOLS.

actually i need this break. i've been working non-stop since last week. so i'll take a break today and will begin tmr. Definitely will begin tmr since we have a group meeting. and oh yes. I just remembered that i do have a bunch of fin con stuff to clear for CI Club. Shall get down to it.

i really should stop procrastinating. ON EVERYTHING! Including all those random facebook notes that people kept on tagging me. It's like that super long ago 25 questions thing? Still not done. although really, i can probably do it in like 5 minutes. coz it doesn't take a very long time for me to come up with 25 random points about myself. Hmmm. maybe i should get around to doing it like now. haha. ok.

shall end my post now. look out for that 25 things note on facebook =)


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

ringing in the new year =) Part II

Hey all. So here comes August to December 2008:


Fettucine first outing =) LOL. We were kinda groupless during FOC so we made our own group.


Look at how happy Bernie is to be eating her pasta. =P

And just because this was done in August, let me put up what I did for my photo montage assignment (COM206)



It may have been fasting month but it definitely didn't stop us from going out =)

Let's start with the family visit to Geylang

Do-Re-Mi. The little girl in front is probably going to be the most spoilt of all the cousins coz she's just so cute and pretty and she has like many many older sisters and brothers who pretty much dote on her. LOL.

and here I am the doting auntie with 5-month old Daniell =) =) Told you he's fat now =P

After geylang I actually managed to join some of the SYC-ers after they had dinner.

at esplanade while listening to some Mat band perform.

With Tristan! =)

There was also a dinner with Faiz, Bibi and Wani but unfortunately... I only have very weird, unglam photos so I shall not post them up. LOL.

How can I forget 16th CI Club investiture?


And finally the COM206 six stills assignment starring Faiz and Zul =)

a few of my friends say they like this picture best. Got action like that. LOL.

Thanks lots you two for helping me out with my assignment. and extra thanks to Faiz for the camera =) Did i tell you guys my grade? haha. B+ for this one =D

Birthday and also Raya. yay!

Here's Raya with the family =)
first day baju =)

the October babies!

My mummy and the rest of my family =) (including the cute nephew!! LOL. told you i'm a rather doting aunt. hahahah)

Next, Raya with friends!

an Innova science and arts Raya =)

Birthday. Didn't do much this year but here's the celebration with the 16th CI Club.
LOL. If Jason and I were born in the same year, I would have been TWO days older. hahaha

Still doing work even with that cake in his hand. Boss ah....

Look at how Pedro is sooo smiling for the camera although Grace and Jin was busy with work stuff. hahahahah. classic pedders can?

October also meant the final COM206 assignment, the video project. Something screwed up with the 1st one so we ended up doing a second video.(total rush for that second one.)
Here's a picture of us with the star of the 1st attempt.
And this is the final video starring.... Jason Khor. Thanks so much for starring Jason =D =D

Moving on to November. It may have been exams month but who says we can't have fun after that =P

CI Club chalet:
It is cat filled and pretty fun-filled too. haha. hey we even went into OCH, but early in the morning. LOL. Not at night. hahaha.
the cat-filled chalet. This kitten was my favourite. SOOOOO CUTE!
One of the tallest uno stacko tower i've ever played.
the insides of OCH.

Family picnic!
More or less the whole family. haha.
The ladies of the family. At last count, we had 20++(almost 30) male cousins and about 8-9 female cousins. WTH right?
me and my sis. awaiting verdict of whether we look alike or not =)

There were also a lot of SYC rehearsals but no pics for those. haha. Oh wait, there's a video though:

Highlight of December seems to always be SYC. This year, helped Khairi out with cultural night. Here's some photos of the day itself:
And here's the video!

OK this post is long enough already and I still need to go to school!!!! LOL. Shall do up Red cross gathering and I hate Christmas Parties in a separate post later on this week. <3


Friday, January 02, 2009

ringing in the new year =)

Hellos all and welcome to my first post of the year 2009. Do i have any resolutions or am i gonna make any promises to update my blog more often? Well... No. LOL. it's not that i hate the idea of blogging or I don't have interesting things to talk about. But, you guys know me. haha. I'm just bloody lazy lah.

Anyways, let's just run through the year with various photos. How about that? So what I've done is actually looked through my photo albums and i'm gonna just put in photos for some (most?) of the events/outings etc i've gone through this whole year =)


Wonder if you guys remembered us getting together for this dinner? LOL! Hmmm. Should we meet up for another dinner or sth soon?


Malay Class outing, after 4 years of being outing-less. LOL. in fact, this was probably the first time I met Johan since graduating from JSS.

Another February event would be the Footdrill competition where the juniors did themselves proud by getting nationals champion. Good job guys! and that's why i got the chance to take a picture with the challenge plaque =D =D
(sorry that their picture is damn small though. seems to be the size stored in my comp. LOL)


Khairi's and Mus's commisioning parade! Followed by the SYC alumni BBQ thingy after that. haha. which was also the first time i spent (ok fine. shared with 2 other pple) $50++ on taxi fare for travel from pasir ris to boon lay with midnight surcharge. Gah, the horror.

April was exam month. LOL. seems like i did no going out. LOL. But but but, it was also my nephew's birth month =) Welcome Muhd Shai'zryan Daniell Bin Muhd Shairull to the family =)

Can't remember where I put his newborn photo. LOL. so this is him, one month old. He is now short and fat though. LOL. cute short and fat but still.... =P Please Daniell don't be fat like your father k?

Seems like a relatively busy month. first up: Seniors' Camp

1st photo was Zi Jie and I with Arthur the lettuce, who would later be tossed around in a game of captain's ball =P
2nd photo: the ghosts that haunted level 5 during seniors' camp's fright night =) Look at how bloody butcher teh peng is. LOL

Next up, 14th May, SYC dinner.

This was also a belated birthday celebration for kak yani and eda =)

Finally would be the slightly less successful 2nd Malay class outing. There was like me, bibi, nurul and faiz can?

So are we ever going to have another Malay class gathering? LOL

Basically was superbly busy with preparations for FOC. I think zoo trip was probably in here somewhere too? But dunno where my pictures went. LOL

Here's some meeting pics. we are a lively bunch can.

To do an item or not to do an item.

Jinyong LOVED playing with the body =P

See how focused Ruiqi is in practicing how to throw Jason's body down. =P

Finally, the big event, FOC.

Seniors learning the mass dance! "Jump! For my love. Jump in..."

Amazing Race station master partner, Bernie. Man, we were stuck at Toa Payoh park for dunno how long lah. LOL

I love love love this photo that Zoe took the first day while we were preparing for Telematch. Look at all the pretty colours =) =)

The 2 ghosts that haunted the 5th floot female toilets during fright night. My only disappointment is that I don't have a picture of the head on a platter ghost. sighs.

After FOC, comes the fun during out post-FOC chalet =)

1st night after everybody came back from K Box-ing. Some were working, some were playing mahjong, some were playing video games and others were very noisily playing on the PS2. (GAH! RAVING RABBIDS!!!)
Man. the chocolate covered fruit (coz we each bought a different fruit) was nice..... and fattening but let's not think about that. fruit's are healthy after all =P

After gamely trying out the stone walk thingy. We were squealing in PAIN!!!

2nd night was the night where Joan, Christine, Thad taught me mahjong. LOL. They were so proud of their accomplishment can. haha. i still have trouble reading the direction characters though. hahah.

And another July outing: the 3 people IJC arts outing. hahahah. Can't find the photo of the 3 of us (me, wani, fil) so I shall just post this photo of me and fil in which i look so so so damn fat. bleahs.

Ok. I'm tired. Watch this space for part 2 (August to December 2008) which will come out LATEST by Sunday night. I promise!! LOL.