Wednesday, October 08, 2008

morbid curiousity

I think working as a forensic pathologist for 2 decades have made my forensic guest lecturer somebody with a morbid sense of humour. He shows all these gory pictures and he can still make jokes about it. haha. oh wells.

anyways, i need a trend story! i am so going to fail my 221 A3 if I can't find an acceptable trend story soon. bleahs. and it's not like i did well for the 1st assignment. well, not many pple did well for the 1st assignment but still...

So yes, hello again to all my blog readers. (I seriously doubt I still have any. hahaha.) Thank my gory lecture for giving me the urge to blog. haha. just to make a comment about his super morbid sense of humour. He made a jaws joke about a guy who got bitten by a shark lah.

what has been going on in my life so far? nth more then school, school and more school. sighs. Being in CI club also added to the whole thing. It's been interesting but it does add to my work load.

shit, speaking of workload i just remembered that I haven't done A LOT of my readings. Bleahs. Should get started on it super ASAP. but will have to wait until after i'm done with the budget lah.

to all the friends that i've met up with in the past 3 mths and I haven't blogged about it and stuff, know that I am extremely happy we had the chance to meet up. Love you guys and meet up again soon! I'll look thru my albums and post photos soon =)

and finally, i'm finally on Facebook (ok lah. have been on since July or August. haha) for those who still dun have me on your friends list, add me!! my normal e-mail add.