Thursday, June 12, 2008


wokays. I'm not going to make any more promises or whatever next time. I'll update whenever I feel like updating. hahaha. AND AND AND I'm abandoning the whole big update thing. I might get around to doing it one of these days but no promises. hahahaha.

So, as the title of this post might have clued some of you,this post is mostly nothing more than publicity plug for WKW SCI FOC 2008 which is on 7-11 July 2008. If you are a freshie joining CS this year, please do come for the camp! We can't promise you non-stop fun but we can promise you that it will be fun on the whole! And its a good opportunity to meet people and stuff. Especially if you were like me and knew like practically nobody in the course. So, I decided to go for camp and at least I had friends when school started. hahaha. Ok. did that just kinda painted me as a total loser loner type or sth? Because I'm not. Haha. It's just that before camp I knew of only ONE other person who is in CS.

Ok fine, this post is NOT going to be a total random plug for the FOC. haha. I just wanted to put the title as that so that anybody googling/searching for info on SCI/CS can be directed here and then can do publicity for the camp at the same time mah. hahaha. the more people who come to camp, the more money i can get! So yes, COME FOR FOC!!!

Here's a quick guide to all the acronyms I've used:

WKW SCI: Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information

FOC: Freshmen Orientation Camp

CS: Communication Studies.

So yup that's it.... =D

Anyways, had another main comm meeting today.
Look at what I managed to "steal" back home. haha.
A sneak peek into our publicity package! The spanner is super cute!!!

And I also learnt of a hot news..... Check out my entry in the FOC blog/website at (as stated in all the sticker labels you see in the above pictures. haha) to see what the hot news is. mwahahaha. (so yes, there is a lot of FOC publicity going on for this post =P)

sighs. On to other more serious news. My 2-yr old cousin and one month old nephew are apparently roommates in KKH right now. Both admitted in to the hospital for fever, cough, flu. But the cousin also has some asthma problems and she's been in for like 4 days? My newphew just went in yesterday night. My newphew's problem is still quite minor, its just coz he's so young and so this kind of thing can be dangerous to babies. It's my cousin who is in pretty bad shape. But she seems to be getting a teeny weeny bit better when I visited her yesterday. Anyway, get well soon k to both kids! It's quite worrying to see them in hospital like that...


p/s: any freshies coming into CS this year who are my juniors/batch mates/seniors in either pri sch (Jin Tai Pri), sec sch (Jurong Sec) or JC (Innova JC - from here it's unlikely to be seniors. haha) do get in touch with me and we can get reacquainted if you are somebody I've already lost touch with or get to know each other if I dunno you. haha. leave me a tag or sth k?? <3>