Thursday, May 15, 2008

prelude to the big update

hellos all!!

erm, I'll just do an update of yesterday's dinner first. Tmr or sat I'll do the whole wrap-up of what's been gg on in my life since I last updated kinda thing. hahahaha.

Anyways, met up with some of the SYC-ers yesterday for dinner. Guest of honour? Eda from Philippines. Apparently she's here in Singapore for a vacation and also to find a job so that she can pursue a Masters in Education at NIE too. All the best! =D and although it was a pretty small gathering (me, marya, yani, xiujing, anting, mus, hanloong, eda and her sister) doesn't stop it from being fun. hahah. a gathering of SYC-ers will always be fun =P We also celebrated Kak Yani's and Eda's belated birthdays. Happy 22 to both of you!

Here's some pics!!

the two birthday girls and their swensens sizzling pan

those sitting on one side of the table

and those sitting on the other side =D

hanloong's and xiu jing's fingers marking the ice-cream flavours we've chose

here's the three desserts we ate!!


rocky road sizzling pan

and the fount... ahem Earthquake =D you guys were EVIL!! haha. just because i forgot the actual name of the earthquake, they totally made fun of me. Bleahs. somehow, fountain keeps on ringing in my head. Not the actual name of "Earthquake". Give me a break please. hahaha

the kinda requisite escalator shot. haha. see how the pic is all nice and stable which can be quite hard for escalator shots? haha. well, that is because, the escalator wasn't even moving in the first place =P

and finally a group shot to round it up =D =D

an interesting side note: the pics are all taken during dessert at swensens. we had our dinner at marina square's food court actually. haha. and within that time we spent on dessert, somehow we actually took like 57 shots. i was pretty trigger happy. and yani helped too =P haha.

that's all for now. oh yes, i uploaded the rest of the photos on my MSN space, for those interested to see. Just click on the title of the post or if that doesn't work, the link to my MSN space is on the left of my blog, with all my other links.

i had lots of fun! we should really have more SYC05 gatherings, instead of just meeting once a year during that year's SYC and then maybe new year's eve. Love y'all!!

Siti <3

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