Wednesday, February 06, 2008


So, I'm stuck here in the (pretty freaking empty) SCI building while everybody is either heading home already or having lessons now and thus they finish earlier than me. Yes, I don't celebrate CNY but you know, its damn sad when the usually pretty packed SCI building only has like 10 pple sitting at the benches right now. Usually its like every bench is occupied lah. haha.

Oh wells, yes I'm complaining but its not like I'm going for a lesson that I hate. hahaha. Well, that's the bright side i suppose. At least its a lecture for a module that i find interesting lah. Gosh, imagine if it's any of my COM lects. COM module lects this sem are damn boring lah... from 202 to 205 to 208. and the worst thing is that these are my core modules!! *rolls eyes* I haven't been really listening to any of the lectures lah. And no. I do not spend all my lecture periods playing diner dash. Sometimes I entertain myself with other stuffs too ok? hahahaha. but its bad lah. How to survive if I can't even pay attention during lecture? I swear it wasn't this bad last sem lah. I dunno who's brilliant idea is it to have 2 research modules in one semester. And while LCW can be fine in the small tutorial group setting, he is not really compelling in the huge lecture theatre, thus the poor attendance for 205 lectures.

Then there's the fact that ALL my days starts at 8.30. I have a four day week but it all starts at 8.30. And despite the early start, my shortest day ends at 2. bleahs.

Ok that's it lah. Haha. I know that this is a waaaayyy too short post to make-up for like one month ++++ of not updating but give me a break ok? Even if i have to content to blog about, I kinda don't have the motivation. haha. boo. Oh wait, another complain about 208. They have all these mini-assignments (journal review and interview a maid anyone??) which are pretty low on the percentage scale (most of them are less then 10%) and yet requires A LOT of effort. And how about today's quiz?? The quiz is upon 100 but it will only count for 7% of the total marks. Like thanks ah?

anyway. seriously wrapping up now. I wanna play diner dash =P maybe you guys can hope for more days where I'll be stuck all by myself at the SCI benches and will thus get the urge to blog?? hahaha. But, then there's no better place to spend a 4 hour break at then at the SCI benches where power plugs are in abundance =D


bloody hell. why must I still occassionally think of you?

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