Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CNY weekend

So... This is what I did for CNY weekend: hung out with friends and had a lot of fun =D =D

eating the food we brought and the bihun we bought. Ended up with too much food. haha. Blame it on the fact that practicall everybody brought bread. haha.

couple of the day (check out their matching tops!!) in their bad luck streak while playing cards. haha. I on the other hand, had pretty good luck. Always the first to finish =D

our sole group shot of the day. Sorry faiz weren't there though =( Probably the nicest group shot if only Johan (mr spoil picture) didn't spoil it. haha.

the picture we took while lying down on the mat during firah's and nurul's toilet break. Probably my fave pic of the day? haha.

the girls while waiting for the guys at the 30 bus stop in front of Bibi's house. We were quite sian coz they were late but but but, Johan ended up driving us there =D =D

**sorry the layout a bit messy =(**

Friday was the long awaited reunion with my JSS malay express friends! haha. Since our chinese friends have their own things to do, why not we have a reunion right?? And I'm soooo damn glad we did. Like we haven't had a proper reunion since we all graduated from JSS and that was (believe it or not) 4 years ago! (Man, I feel damn old. haha) Not everybody was there but it was fun anyway. Thanks Johan for driving us =D =D haha. Luckily we could all squeeze into the car. Hmmm... Maybe we should pool our money and rent a big car for our next outing. Which is 19th May by the way! Make sure all time-tables are clear ok??

Then, the next day, we went CNY-ing at Mel's house! Yay to melvin for inviting us. haha. Just a small group though coz his house small. hahaha. Celebrated Ros's birthday and spent the whole time talking and bitching =P Tried one round of heart attack it didn't work out. Somehow ended up truth or dare-ing although some of them wanted to play blackjack at first. hahaha. Fun fun. Really enjoyed it guys =D =D

Finally a big shout-out to the birthday girl Cheryl Ong!! Hope you liked the V-dae cake I bought. haha. And another shout-out to belated birthday girl Shirgi. Sorry I forgot to wish you girl!! =(


should I? Should I? Should I?

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