Sunday, December 30, 2007

Picture entry!!

Haha. Yay! Thought it's time for another picture entry =D But there's still a couple more pics that I'm still waiting for from people though (IJ gang outing, cable-car, 4D-magix, my Indo people). But there's still a bunch of photos just waiting to be posted. I'll do SYC07 first!

I shall start like marya did with a picture of the 05's! Woots!

Yay to my dear SYC 05 Singaporean participants! Like i said in the previous entry, we were the stubborn bunch who insisted on squeezing like 15 people (count them!!) on one ten person, at most twelve person table! hahaha. But then, where's the fun if we are all divided and eating at different tables <3<3>

So hanloong, this is for you!! A picture with you in it! Taken Wednesday night when he came to stay over =D This was before we went out to supper at Newton! Yay to darren being able to drive. hahaha.

And here's a picture with Khairi in it!! My roomie Steph and our three temporary roomies on the final night. Marya was too busy sleeping in the next room. cheh. haha. Oh and I realised that we didn't take a roomies picture again this year. Anyway, yup. Temporary roomies coz the guys who decided to stay over (khairi, kelvin, zz) all ended up sleeping in our room except for tristan who took over darren as johnathan's roomie. haha. And sorry if I look super duper damn sleepy lah. It was taken after like 1/2 hour of sleep on my part ok? Oh and this particular shot took 8 tries to achieve. Yes, 8. haha.

Senior ACEs on Wednesday, the first (and only) day where we are all on the bus together!! Like finally! haha. Monday I didn't go for OBS and Tuesday marya, steph, anting, gen all had things to do. Thursday darren didn't go to sentosa and there was no bus trips anywhere on friday. So yes, Wednesday was the only day we were together on the bus. Excuse us looking so tired. We slept at like 3++ the night (or is it morning?) before. Oh and this is the first of our camwhore shots of the day? Woots to Darren. He's a camwhore expert. He got a lot of shots right the first time. No need for retakes.

Yay!! A photo with the Korean chaperone, Ko! He was soooo surprised when I said I wanted to take a picture :D

So, still waiting for more SYC pics =D Will post whenever I get them. I shall end this now and do another post on non-SYC stuff. haha. if not it'll be a tad too long. Cya'll in the next entry!

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