Sunday, December 30, 2007

Non-SYC related updates =P

So yes. Wow! I'm actually updating twice in one day. To all my friends who have grown bored with all my SYC stufs, sorry! Haha. Come on. It's the 3rd year already =D Should have gotten used to me doing SYC related gushing at this time of the year. haha. Ok, on to the non-SYC stuffs.

I am currently cringing a lot less when I hear my FOC main comm-ers making plans coz we have money in our treasury! Woots!! Not a lot but should be enough to tide us over for the next few canvassing events which needs start-up costs and whatever other plans we have. So, yay! Jiayou main comm-ers. We can earn more =P

Outing with the IJC gang on 22nd at the Mind Cafe.
This is our bored funny poses picture. Haha. Man, I haven't seen you guys (Except for Wani and Faiz) since our last outing? In July if I'm not wrong. Right before my FOC. That's a loooooong time! As usual, it's fun with you guys! haha. Hanging out at Starbucks after dinner and Fie and Fai left was fun too. haha. Playing lame-ass camp games and things like fuzzie wuzzie and around the world in eighty days and black magic. haha. Funs =D =D

The family went bowling on the 23rd. By the family I'm referring to the family of the aunt I'm staying with, my mummy and my sis and the other aunt and her family. Ok. For those friends of mine who remembered me as someone who was able to pretty easily hit 70s and 80s and even 100+ once in bowling, please banish that image RIGHT NOW! As of now, at 19 years, 2 months and 30 days of age, I currently really suck at bowling. Like bad. I was barely able to hit 20+ can? Ridiculous man. But oh well, it was followed by a scrumptious dinner at West Coast thanks to my sister. So it was fine. haha. I promise sister once I'm in the working world (currently not really looking forward to that) I'll pay for half of everything ok? And going overseas sounds good too. haha.

Finally, the outing that was supposed to be for me, nurul, bibi and firah. Final attendance: me and nurul. Thanks ah you two. Haha. No lah. I'm just kidding. It's not like you purposely don't want to come.

This is us on the train back from harbourfront with my new W910i!!! So, since it was just the 2 of us, we decided not to go bowling but meet later and headed off to Vivo for dinner (and unplanned shopping). Nurul!! Thanks ah. Was it revenge for bringing you into Pull and Bear where you bought your two green things?? hahaha. I didn't even want to go to Zara in the first place but since you wanted to I thought ok. Cheh, totally didn't expect to end up shopping there. Yes, people. I went shopping. At Zara no less. Bought a brown jacket (which i LOVE) and a turquoise blue long sleeve top (which I also love). There was a sale going on ok? I wouldn't have bought it if not for the sale. hahaha. But seriously, thanks for dinner. I should have like snatched the receipt out of you and insisted on paying.
People!! Fig and Olive food is good!! Slighly higher priced then say Secret Recipe but good food =D sighs. Truly good food. Go there if you have the money =P
Sooo, looking forward to my next gathering that is tomorrow, New Year's Eve with the SYC05 gang. Any SYC05-er who sees this entry and doesn't know about tomorrow but can join us for dinner sms me for details ok?

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