Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My SYC07 experience

Subtitle: So we are indulgent in our own fun?

OK. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to make fun of anybody. The person who said that is actually somebody that I like as a person. But we really had no intention of saying anything like that yet that's what you got out of what we said? But meh... Whatever, SYC is all about fun anyway =D =D
And yes, I had oodles of fun this SYC even though its my 3rd time back, 2nd as an ACE (the fancy name for facilitator basically). Every year, the experience is different such that even the 3rd time back is not boring. Well, the programme gets boring but the experience itself doesn't!!

Let's see, first of all, a shout out to my Indonesians!! Yes people, I'm in-charge of Indo this year. And if you read last yr's entry I might sound like I'm repeating myself, but they really are a great bunch of kids. It was just really fun interacting and talking with them. Special mention to my 3 Singaporean attached: Salih, Nicole, Mark. Try to find a free day so that i can treat you guys to dinner or something. Just a way to say thanks for helping me take care of the Indons. And a mention to Vremita too. You were a great partner ACE to have along =D
Hmmm, do give me a call if you guys decided to come back to Singapore. I'll be more than happy to play tour guide! Love all!!

A great big hi to the chaperones!! Haha. This year's chaperones are way cool =D They all very buddy buddy with each other. Putting them all in one bus really is a great idea and I enjoyed my time in the chaperone bus as well. Brilliant!! hahaha.

Hugs and kisses to the senior ACEs!!! (ok fine, I know we don't really want the whole senior/junior thingy but I need to differentiate you guys right??) Basically anting, darren, gen, marya and steph. Thanks for the late night chats, supper and just for all the entertaining times we spent together. Haha. There is no way the SYC 07 experience would be complete if you guys weren't there to discuss things with. haha. It kinda felt weird after camp to enter my room and not have everybody gather round getting ready for a midnight chat. Oh wells. I miss you guys!! And this goes out to johnathan and victoria too! Hmmm... Johnathan, sorry if our late night chats actually caused you to be sooo tired you overslept. haha.

One final shout-out to everybody else!! The rest of the ACEs, hope you guys enjoyed your stint as an ACE. To all the 05s who came back: Yay!!! I didn't realise exactly how much I miss everybody until we were all gathered round the same table (damn stubborn lah we, table not enough to squeeze us but we insist) talking, laughing, reliving memories! SYC05 so rocks lah. haha.


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