Sunday, November 04, 2007


sighs. it has been a pretty hard and damn busy week for me. thank goodness it was over on thursday. It's like, the exams is in how many weeks time (FYI, that would be 2) and we are still expected to hand in pretty heavy weighted assignments assigned by tutors who doesn't seem to weigh the feasibility of it. Like seriously, I know as communications students we are expected to learn how to do everything in an advertising/promotional campaign but can u please look around and see who u are teaching. Goodness, this is BASIC media writing.

It was one assignment but there were like 4 parts. If she gave us all 4 parts at once would still be ok. But no!!! She had to give them in 3 separate instructions, changing the deadline as many times. Which is irritating and inconsistent and distracting. The worst thing was, when she told us the first part of the assignment, there was no indication that it was a graded assignment. Then, how are we supposed to prepare a homepage that looks like a hmpage on MSWord?? And prepare a creative, impressive advertisement "using media platforms such as TV and newspaper" with only $1000?? Advertising on newspaper along cost a couple of thousand, if u want some back page, miniscule ad. Don't even think about getting TV space.

Damn. It still irritates me when I think about that stupid assignment. at least french presentation was fine :D sighs. I want to go to Seychelles!!! Anybody care to smuggle me in their luggage??? haha.

oh wells. Exams coming up. I'm taking a teeny weeny break this weekend from the super hectic week I just had but shall have to get back to work soon. I still need to do research on "media and climate change"and "the future of media". Most likely going to be focusing on journalism. Anybody have any news articles, links etc to any of these two topics, let me know :D

And, if anybody has lobang/ideas on where to get relatively cheap but good nail polish especially if i buy in bulk let me know. it's for fundraising for next year's FOC, in which I'm the financial controller. OMG!! I'm excited about being in the main comm but man, the thought of taking charge of all the money does scare me still sometimes.

Before I close, let me share with you guys some of my fave pics from the Seychelles collection that I started for my presentation. Don't they just make you feel like hanging out by the beach??


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