Monday, November 19, 2007

in the spirit of end of exams :D

So, as I look forward to the end of my exams, I shall follow Bibi's example and create a to-do list. Woohoo!!

This is the dated stuff:
21st Nov -- Last paper, FRENCH!!!
22nd Nov -- Are u waiting for me to go to Borders Wani?? haha If not I'm freeeeeee
23rd NOv -- Watch Enchanted with Linnet =D
24th Nov -- dinner with the red cross peeps at IMM.
7-8 Dec -- FOC main comm handover party (and chalet?) (is this the final final confirmed date??)
13th Dec -- (If I'm not wrong) SYC 10th anniversary reunion dinner!!!!!
22nd Dec -- HGEF thing (haha)

Now for the non-dated stuff:
-- Woohoo!! Watch all the videos currently in my laptop. Heroes, All my Taiwan dramas, my 3 French movies.
-- Go find all those books I've been dying to read and read them!!!
-- Bibi, when to go Ms Phua's house and kidnap the baby??
-- FOC Fund-raising events.
-- FOC projected budget list (meet up with Cheryl and Thad)
-- Meet up with each commitee to discuss their projected budget
-- CLEAN UP ROOM!! Like really really must. haha. and maybe reorganise also??

I'm sure if I think hard enough there's thousand and one other things to do (haha. ok. bedek :P) Oh wells, pick a date to book me people =D heee...


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