Tuesday, October 09, 2007


So i felt my phone vibrating and I looked at it. Caller ID: Zoe. I picked up and she goes: "Where are you now". That gave me a shock and so I checked the time. 7.50 am. What?!?! So, I told her how I just woke up and that they should go first.

Thought about whether should I make a move to go to lecture or not. However, considering that I have not bathed, my stuff are all over the place, I have not decided what to wear and the queue for 179 at the 8++ time is only slightly (and by that I mean more or less the same) better then the queue at the 7++ hours, I know that the earliest I'll reach school is 915. LEcture ends at 10am. 8am: sent an SMS to Zoe: "Think I shall skip 201 lecture. Shall head on straight to French class later. See you later at 204 lecture." TO which she replied with a possibility of a (usual) pop quiz. I said that I hope there's no quiz especially since it's only the first time I'm skipping 201 but here's my full name and matric no anyways.

8.30: "Bad news! He came in with 2 bags today. You kinda know what that means right??" My immediate thought: damn it!! then I went back to sleep.

Sigh. I've been really tired the past few days. And I don't really see a reason why. All my lack of sleep finally catching up on me or sth?? I seriously seriously have no idea. Ok OK. I shall declare this online. I promise that today is the last time for skipping lectures until the end of semester. Promise!!

and those of you guys who see me online beyond 11.30 tonight and for the next few nights, please please please harass me and ask me to go to sleep ok??


disclaimer: Wani!! Do not kill me ok?? I promise already that it's the last time. Really really!!

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