Saturday, September 22, 2007


sighs. forget it. I've got stuff I wanted to say but i think again, what's the use?? I hate this. I wish I can just really get myself lost somewhere and to hell with everything else. I gotta go.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

recess... recess... recess...

ANd nope. I'm not talking about those times in Pri sch and Sec Sch wehre you rush down to your canteen to grab a bite to eat.

I feel like doing what the HSM2 guys did at the beginning of the movie. For those of u who haven't watched it, boo on you!! haha. anyway, what they did was chant summer, summer, summer as a countdown to their summer vacation. I feel like chanting recess, recess, recess coz in approximately 30 mins from now, I'll be free and on my recess break!!! one whole week of not having to have to come to school. It's not exactly a break coz there are sooo many things to do/catch up on but who cares. a break from school is still a break from school! Woohoo!!

In econs lecture now. The macro tutor is not too bad. Better then the micro tutor who was a tad (understatement here) boring.

anyway, happy recess break to the uni students and make sure u don't slack too much ok?? Use this time to catch up on whatever, finish your term/research papers etc.

take care all and I'll be free sooooon!!!



Tuesday, September 04, 2007

pre-emptive move

before a certain miss lim who has been threatening to bug me to post a new post really do bug me, i shall pre-empt her by posting this totally boring post. mwahahaha.

sighs. school has been... interesting to say the least. it's not bad lah really. I like the people i hang out with, my classes aren't too bad, comparative public admin (CPA) and french being really fun, and it's a different life from JC. It's just that i realized i need a major attitude overhaul to really be able to handle everything and hopefully have a B+ average maybe?? i know i can maintain a B+ average IF i am able to shed some of my bad habits. anybody care to give me a kick in the butt to sorta kick start my attitude overhaul???

well, journalism could be fun-er if the lecturers were fun-er. Hopefully advertising for com203 and tv writing for com204 would be a lot more fun. and can prof hao in com201 do something that would actually be able to fuuly capture our attentions in lecture?? it's the easiest lecture to drift off in lah.

econs should be fun. but the lecturer is suuuuuuuper boring and the tutorials aren't really doing much for me. that's why i was sooo tempted to skip tut ystd fyi wani and bibi. french quiz next thurs, gotta do revision!! and CPA essay due tomorrow. Ironically, i actually feel that CPA tuts can afford to be longer at least by 1/2 hour so that we can do like a lot more discussions. CPA is such a discussion subject and more time would so totally help.

anyway, that's all lah. i did say it was a boring entry :D

take care all!!


oh by the way, the 3rd para is about my 3 core modules and the 4th para is about my 3 electives.