Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Yes Wani... I'm updating. *sticks tongue out* haha.

Yay!! 1st post for the month of July aka Harry Potter month!!!!!!

Anyway... These past few days has been... interesting... From a movie drought to 2 movies in like a week. *looks at money flying away at the cashier counter of GV JP* sigh.

So, went to watch nancy drew with Linnet on either Wed or Thurs last week. Can't remembered and can't be bothered to check :P pretty nice movie. Not the typical big action blockbusters that are released in this season but it creates a nice quiet break from all the blockbusters. Fun to watch, pretty funny and it was sooo cozy coz there were only like 5 pple watching it in the cinema at that time... hahaha. Me and linnet and this other group of 2 girls and a guy. Our seats were like behind them so in the whole (relatively smaller theatre) it was like only the centre 5 seats were occupied. So fun :) :) Nancy Drew fans should probably watch it and just remnisce (sort of) over the familiar story line. As in some of what is going to happen is quite predictable but i don't consider it a waste of money.

Then, transformers (robots in disguise!!!) today with Wani. haha. The queue was FREAKING long lah. Stupid kids who decided to use their youth day holiday to watch movie... (oops. no offense to anyone... Just kidding :P) But yup, the theatre was PACKED. theatre 5 some more. one of the bigger ones in GV JP. Coolios!! The movie was just darn cool. haha. and take note that I'm not a big transformers fan (they are showing transformers on kids central, sundays 12.30 i think. for those who are interested) but the effects and the battle scenes and stuff was cool. Yup :) pretty typical action-packed blockbuster actually. hahaha.

Now, 9 more days to HP movie 5 (and Alfred's birthday. hahaha) The trailer looks good. Hopefully it won't be as big of a disappointment as the GoF movie :(. and of course, 18 more days to book 7, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!!!! Woohoo!!! (and also my older cousin's birthay. erm... sheesh, can't ignore that...) so... i am not free on 21st July 2007. I don't care how much you *beg* me or whatever, don't try to make an appointment with me on that day ok??

Final woohoo(!!) goes to the outing this sunday!!! yay!! But really must make stuff ah? Erm. I kinda have an idea of what to do but u will find that i recycled the idea from my teacher's day gift last year. unless I have a sudden burst of inspiration... oh well!! Still, getting to meet up with u guys is the bestest :). Now only left my SYC kg melayu (in the words of kak yani) gang. u guys are the only group left that I haven't seen in a while so do sth soon ok??

take care all!!


p/s i'm still deciding about faculty camp... $50 leh... sigh. it sounds like it'll be fun though....

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