Saturday, July 14, 2007

wkw sci foc 2007

for those who are wondering what the initials stand for, it: Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information Freshman Orientation Camp 2007.

So, most of you know that I was kinda undecided about camp and a few of you know that the only reason i went to camp was because i needed to get away from home for a couple of days... Little did I know that it was gonna be one of the most meaningful experiences of my year so far. haha. maybe that's an exaggeration. I dunno... But I do know that if I were told of what i was going to go through, i probably wouldn't be so indecisive. and also, there's the fact that my 2007 has been a total wast of time for the past few months.

It was an interesting experience, interspersed with really really memorable moments. the idea that I'm going through things that are part of the CS culture, things that have been a CS tradition is just darn cool. I'm just glad that the really tiring (at least to me coz i think that it is something that is really hard to do) act of making friends all over again wasn't as tiring as i expected it to be.

erm... you have no idea how good and easy it feels to be a part of a rather slack group who dun mind playing the games but don't see any reason to be so rah-rah over it. haha. the councillor in me who was a member of the school spirit committee did protest a bit, but... the atmosphere in Mee Suah(z) was so relaxed it was nice. i mean i know camps are usually big rah-rah cheer until you want to die events but come on, "The Most Determined Group" didn't do tooooo badly :P (hahahaha. i still think it's the funniest thing ever that they gave us most determined group.) No, seriously, is it really necessary to cheer while you are on the banana boat? That's just ridiculous lah. Just enjoy the feeling and the surroundings cannot ah?? Still must cheer meh? I'm surprised the other groups don't go around cheering during FN... (nyaha... it's just purely annoying. haha)

i won't write a long entry (or at least any longer then it already is) because as long as i know how i feel that's all that is important. and although the bubble has already burst (hahaha. keat would know what this is about) hopefully not that many things have changed.

anyway, thanks to all the seniors, who are really great and nice people, and who organised a camp i enjoyed. to the members of mee suah(z) which includes our OGLs, AGLs, personal photographer and seniors attached: stay hardcore and rock on. yeah!! oh ya. Thanks a lot (please hear a sarcastic tone here) for bringing out my previously undiscovered minah accent. haha.


EDIT: i totally realized i forgot to blog about the outing with the IJ gang. but seriously, it rocked as usual so, what's new right? haha. and wani!! Mon med check-up ok?? confirm details asap??

listening to: mad world by gary jules (FN song)

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