Monday, July 16, 2007


haha. Some friends actually asked me if FOC was really that meaningful. Well, i say to them, it is just a testament to how useless i've found my 2007 so far. Yes, i've held a job. The job taught stuff. But it wasn't really useful stuff. And the fact that i really really disliked my boss didn't help. I was sooo eager to get out of working there that one of the most meaningful things i picked up was how to avoid the boss. So the past 5 days at FOC was one of the few times in the past 7 mths where I didn't feel like i was doing something that was a waste of time. (Outings with my friends not counted) Now, if the camp had been EXTREMELY boring and every second was filled with thoughts of going home, then FOC would probably have been the greatest waste of my time. Therein lies the meaning in FOC for me.

Of course, I'm eagerly waiting for the SYC 10th year anniversary dinner end of this year. Hopefully many many many of my overseas friends will come by coz I just wanna say hi to them all over again. (and here is an example of how random and out-of point i can be)

Anyway, it's really irritating when nature inteferes with your plans. sheesh.


ps have i said that my cs seniors are all brilliant actors???

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