Saturday, July 07, 2007


hahaha. My house had a mini blackout just now. The electric supply tripped and it was quite a major trip that resetting the fuse box inside is not enough. and... we forgot about the main electric system outside. So, my aunt had a minor panic attack until finally my uncle remembered the outside system. what was i doing throughout all this?? Eating breakfast :) i mean seriously, call me complacent or what but, Singapore's utility system is far too effective for it to be anything really major. There will definitely be a solution if you've properly checked everything. At most just call the electrician come by lah.

Anyway, organising my wardrobe now. Was packing for camp lah but thought that i may as well look and cry over my pathetic wardrobe as well. anybody care to contribute to the "buy Siti new clothes fund"???


listening to: you give love a bad name by blake lewis
natasha bedingfield
prince of tennis soundtrack (yes... i am an anime junkie. so sue me!!)

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