Friday, May 18, 2007

stupid!! ARGH!!

Ok. So I deleted my previous post coz it's just gone now.

Anyway, the gist of my previous post was actually the fact that I got accepted into NTU's mass comm and also NUS's FASS. Latest update: I have accepted the offer from NTU after i spend a few (useless) days trying to decide if that is really the best choice for me. Thanks to the many people who continuously reminded me that communication studies is something i've wanted for quite a while now. So yup, if nothing goes wrong, I'll be a comm studies student come 6 August.

Wow. That still feels quite unreal. Like i never expected to even get within smelling distance of that particular course. Wahahaha. To my friends who are still waiting for their respective letters of acceptance: Hang in there. It'll be in the mail soon enough!!

So, went to "tea" with Faiz and Wani today. Cakes and lemon tea at Secret Recipe IMM. *sigh* Hahaha. I know it's damn sad that I actually had headaches from eating too much chocolate. haha. But that's just how my body is wired. Can't have too much caffeine or caffeine containing stuff. I get headaches. Nice cakes though :P Then Zul met up with Faiz and we had dinner at the just opened, revamped and totally new looking IMM LJS. hahahahaha. Lots of things for an orange lover like me! Like orange chairs and orange light thingys. :P Great seeing you guys again. Especially Wani whom i haven't seen in a while.

I promise i'll have a tagboard by tomorrow-ish. Wani has been asking for it... hahaha.