Friday, April 13, 2007


So, guess what? Now you can blog on blogger in 19 different languages. Woweee. haha. Yes, I'm being a bit sarcastic here. I mean, my mother tongue is Malay which basically uses the roman alphabet but I would probably at most type one Malay word for every 10 entries. hahahaha. Ok. That's really random and useless but don't mind me ok? I'm just feeling a bit sick :( darn.

Anyway, to those who commented on my previous entry regarding the HP books: haha. Thanks for the support guys. At least I don't feel like too much of a Potter freak.
Faiz: sure, you can chope first. AFTER i finish reading it obviously. hahahaha. Oh and your Anne Frank is with one of the 4/4 girls still is it?? Was it Linnet?
Yana: Miss you too girl. Take care of yourself ok? love ya!!
Adha and nette: hahaha. Yay to harry potter and the deathly hallows :)

Erm, I'm not trying to like cement my position as a Potter freak/geek/whatever description you want to put here but it's 100 days to the launch of book 7 and 90 days to the premiere of the Order of the Phoenix movie. And no. I DID NOT COUNT. haha. Thanks lots to HPANA for the countdown. People!! Please let me know what do you think is the fate of our hero? would he die? and is Snape good or bad?

On to other totally un-Potter related news:
(this is a bit old but bear with me ok?) Had a great outing with Marya, Khairi, Yani and Mus last Sat. Haha. A sort-of going away gathering for the two guys. Hmmm... Khairi and Mus have been in NS for 5 and 4 days respectively. Wonder how they are doing... Oh ya, thanks for the Ramen ten treat Mus!! Hahaha. Next time please come early lah. Although we can't be like Marya the cheaterbug who reaches the meeting place like 15 mins before time just to demand a treat. hahaha. Remember ah, next time those who come way before meeting time won't be considered. :P Oh, and Khairi taught us how to knit :) I wonder what those people on the train are thinking seeing this guy teaching girls how to knit. This is specifically to Marya: I've already transferred the $18.45 to your account. $0.45 pun nak kira. sheesh. haha. and Sorry if we irritated you by scolding your you-know-who but he really ignored us lah. Where can like that?? :P Waiting for pics from Kak Yani!!


I'll try to put in a tag-board over the next few days ok?

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