Saturday, March 17, 2007

weekly update.


Erm. Those waiting for me to put tagboards, wait a while more ok? lazy lah. just make do with my comments board first can? please???

Right. and I shall try not to only update once a week. especially since I'm not working and should have hell of a lot more time. erm. Anybody has any place I can work at??

So, met 3 different groups of friends this week :)

Went to catch the movie 300 with Wani on Tuesday. Good movie, the plot, the characterisation. and of course, a lot of half-naked men. hahaahaha. ok. Erm, the plot is great so, go watch it!!! Then, met up with Faiz and went to Spinelli to visit Sham!! yay to cookie spin and ebony and ivory cheesecake. yum :) hung out there until 6.30...

then went to meet marya to ambush Khairi. hahaha. Poor guy had to treat us dinner coz marya and I said that we both reached first. hahaha. Erm, for those thinking of eating at 2hot, our opinion is that the food's not too hot. Other places have much better food. and they can't seem to fill bowls to the brim. :P So, thanks Khairi for dinner and Marya for dessert. The cakes that symbolised the anniversary of our friendship. hahah. Not really at the exact date but we can pretend can't we?? :P I'll treat you guys to coffee another time ok? Promise that I won't forget!! Yup yup. Oooh. And I had another cheesecake that day. yummie!! Secret Recipe's classic cheesecake. Yay!! Oh and Marya, thanks ah for giving me the shopping bug. darn. Had no intention of buying anything but that girl persuaded me to buy a top. Whatever, find, the shop had a 20% discount. May as well I guess. And the pre-discounts prices wasn't too bad either.

Then, had another mini-dinner outing with Bibi, Nurul, Shirgi :) Love you gals and hope you love the present we got you Shir!!! Hahaha. We just spent our time at JP.

well, still haven't come to a final, solid decision regarding uni application. Have to make a decision soon though. *sigh*


Wednesday, March 07, 2007


ok. I'm just really really confused and I really have no idea about the decisions I have to make. What am I supposed to do? What courses do I really want? Which of the social sciences would i choose over the other?? Econs? Sosiology? Psych? Poli sci? Although Econs is usually not grouped with the other soc sci subjects...

Communications studies. Should I go for it? I am one B short from what they expect but no harm trying right? At most I just don't get accepted lah.

Should I also try applying to SMU? I do have my AP AS grade which means that i can get exempted from doing AS in my first or second year (can't rmb which yr) which also means that if I go to SMU, I actually have one module less to do.

Damn. Bottomline is, I can't really see myself as an undergrad. I mean seriously, me???

Right. I should get to finally throwing away all my notes etc. My room is messy enough as it is. May as well clear all my junk to make space for all the upcoming uni things.

Damn, I am going to be an undergrad?? Time pass by far too quickly.

Well, maybe I should start applying first before going around calling myself and undergrad.


p/s for those who still don't know/is curious: My A level results aren't exactly fantastic. It's pretty ok lah but I'm just really disappointed by my malay grade. Anyway, once again, I've got more Bs then any other grade. not Surprised. Jack of all trades, master of none. That's me.
Erm right. I got a BBCB3. Yup.