Monday, February 12, 2007


Forms today: 6
Forms total: 60
Calls today: 108 (i think...)
Calls total: 378
Total updated as of today:
week 2: 378+60 = 438
week 2+1: 438+74= 512

Damn it. I am no where near the target. By the end of this week, I'm supposed to have updated at least 800. Thank goodness there's Abigail to help me pick up the slack. ARGh!!!

Anyway, my planner is now full of scribbles like those in blue. Instead of using my planner to right down appointments or whatever, i'm using it to track how many of our cc members I actually manage to contact and update within a day. *sigh* Resignation day is near though. I hate leaving them in the lurch but by the time I leave, the PA wants all CCs to more or less finish anyway. I CANNOT STAY ANY LONGER!! It's just far too tiring for me and the travelling I have to do just makes it worse. Oh well...

A Level results day also coming soon. I guess it's good that at least I have work to help me stop thinking about it every other hour. I really have no idea what to expect.

A great big hi/hello/hey to all the friends I met at yesterday's NTU course talks :) hahaha.

that's all, just thought I should make an effort to actually blog. haha. Oh by the way, I'm not gonna put a tagboard for quite a while coz I seriously have no idea where to squeeze it. My left margin is pretty long right now. So, do feel free to use my comments board instead ok?? You don't even have to log in into blogger coz I'm using haloscan. Yup yup.


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