Saturday, February 10, 2007


Ok. I know I'm like super anti-social online nowadays...

*stupid work*

Quite a number of my online friends have also been asking where I am! ARGH!!!!

Anyway, here's an update to say that there's still a couple of problems with this skin but it'll probably take me weeks/months to actually make the needed/wanted/required changes given how free i have been, so... bare with me alright?

And I really do love this particular layout. Totally love at first sight. Whoopee!!!

Survivor Fiji has started and they are also going to be showing Amazing Race All-Stars on TV!!!!! Woohoo!!! Finally. What was the last Amazing Race Season that channel 5 actually broadcasted??? Sheesh. Luckily there is the live telecast in the morning so that I can watch it before going to work.

On something kinda related, Amazing Race Asia. I can't believe JoeJer and Zab won!!! I mean it's so cool that they made history and all that but I wanted Andrew and Syeon to win :(

Erm. A super belated congratulations to my JSSRCY juniors for the West District Championship.
Hopefully all you O level-ers did well enough, oh ya, whoever that guy who made it to the top NA student list from JSS: WOOHOO!!! hahaha.
All this reminders of O level results did make me panic about my A level results... ABIGAIL TAN!!! Please make sure I don't panic and I'll try to stop you from panicking too...
According to Abigail (she's my fellow temp staff-er at work): her friends say that results might be on the 28th of Feb. ARGH!!!!!!!!

Finally, those going !@fun tomorrow, let's all have fun together ok??? Pioneers of IJC, let's try to show some support to the inaugural IJC funfair even if we are feeling very envious of the fact that the hall is now air-conditioned :P Remember, when we take back our results, well be able to enjoy it too!! hahaha.

Love lots,
Busy Siti :)

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