Monday, February 26, 2007

results day

RESULTS DAY or as my dear Econs teacher likes to call it: payday...

Sigh. I literally screamed when i heard the news this afternoon... I was just freaked put I guess... Oh well, so me right? hahaha.

Quite sad though that it's on friday. Coz friday was supposed to be my last day at work. Instead, my last day is now thurs. Kinda abrupt lah.

I'm worried. I dunno. I guess I can pass but who wants a pass only right?? but the way I'm thinking right now, I don't even know what would be a good enough grade for me. Damn it lah...

Whatever... I'll see you guys on friday, 2.30 pm, Innova JC's newly airconditioned hall. Let's hope our dear principal and whatever teacher that will be talking don't take too much time. I just want to get the results over and done with.

All the best to all A level-ers.


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