Monday, December 04, 2006

yet another one

this another one of my random entries. erm. that's really coz I have nothing to talk about. hahaha. So...

Prom is tomorrow. Just came back from collecting my prom dress. With a theme like masquerade of course I'm wearing something rather unusual. hahahah. Right... So filz. You confirm with Wani the final timing tmr and stuff and she'll let me know.

I'm pretty excited about SYC 2006!! yay! I shall see all (or at least most) of the Singaporeans involved on Fri. The rest of the people from all the other countries: see you guys on Sunday!! And a big hi to all the Malaysian participants from your facilitator :)

yup. that's all. all those having prom tomorrow (IJC, RJC, MJC, NYJC, NJC and I think there's one more school) have fun aite?


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