Monday, December 18, 2006

SYC 06.

subtitle: and other unwelcomed news

Let me vent first alright?
My stupid uncle (by status) who is 22 years old and the oldest son is such an irresponsible ass. I don't know how i'm supposed to see him as an elder anymore. Who in the world would want to get married without notifying the family at least MONTHS in advance instead of days? And how about the teeny-weeny detail of him NOT being gainfully employed anywhere and not even able to take care of his mother and sisters yet still wants to get married to someone who already has a 1yr-old child? HIs father just passed away, his mother cannot work (50++ yrs old and sickly) and it's not as if the family has mountains of savings saved up. if he had told us earlier maybe we could have saved up a bit more or sth? and hello? What's the rush? As far as I know it's not a shot-gun thing. and the MAIN reason I'm freaking pissed is the consequences of his actions. His second sister who is 20 yrs old has to give up her poly education because the family cannot really afford it especially with these additions. Erm... Hello???? Doesn't he care about the fact that his sister is THROWING AWAY her future (albeit reluctantly) because of his stupid decision? Find a freaking job why don't you and put your sister through poly first before thinking about marriage? She deserves soooo much freaking more seeing as how she worked so hard to get be able to qualify to a poly from her ITE education. Bloody hell. You think it's easy to go from ITE to poly? He should know from personal experience that it's freaking hell not. And how about his youngest sister who is 15 this year?? What? stop at her N levels lah. Why study so hard if this is what happens anyway? Shit. I'm just so freaking pissed, disappointed, angry everything!! I mean, can't he think??? His sister's ONE chance at a brighter future and she sacrificed it. What the hell. Forget it. I'm just praying that for his sake, the marriage lasts. If not, I will strangle his freaking neck and make sure he regrets even knowing this girl that he's getting married to tomorrow.

Anyway, on to happier stuff.
SYC 2006 was fun fun fun!!
It's not better than SYC 2005 (slap such disloyal thoughts away) but it was fun in a different way. I loved hanging out with the SYC05 people as ACEs (ACE is the fancy name for facilitator) , meeting all the new SYC-ers and really regret not meeting more of them. But then, most of my time are concentrated on my malaysians and the group 1 people, seeing as I'm in-charge of them. Yay!!! My malaysians are just the GREATEST bunch of people. they are not angels but they are such a lovable bunch. I ENJOY every single minute i spend with them and I never regretted being assigned to them. I'm really sad to say that I personally do not have a picture of/with them :(

Group one was great too!! WE didn't win anything like some other group that was soooo kiasu (hint hint group 7) but it was such a great bunch of pple anyway. Once, obstacles was crossed after the 1st day, everybody more or less got along fine.

And guess what? Nights are not for sleeping. They are for bitching, gosssiping and practically everything else!! Last night of camp was the best. Slept for only 20 mins at most. Haha. too busy writing out messages and all that. too my roomies, Marya, Yani and Steph: You guys are the best!! Can't ask for better people to share a room/apartment with!! And to the 2 back door guys (Mus and Kelvin): Erm. Next time give a bit more advance warning aite? Especially Kelvin. Wahahahaha.

I cried on departure day. Not as badly as last year, but I cried. Especially when my Malaysians left. *sigh* I don't want to let them go!!!! I'm missing everybody still. I thank Allah everybody for making me such a lucky person that I get to experience this wonderful thing twice in my whole life.

I miss you!!


p/s one of my group girls, Jiny from Laos just sms-ed me and nearly made me cry again. *sigh* toooooo sweet.

another side note. While looking thru the SYC photo cds, I seem to notice a lot of photos of Shane. Is it just me or was the photographer spending a bit too much time on that guy...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
group 1: (top, from left) Ben, Jake, Syed, Chengju, Zahan, Gery, Mim, Syu,Kassym, Shasha, Wei Yew, Thearith.
(bottom, from left) Joyce, Neomi, Jiny, Dung, Hui Ying, Diyanah, me.
The lying down guy is Shane. You might have gotten a glimpse of him in this year's Star Awards as the guy who carries the trophies on stage. hahahaah.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the *ahem* brilliant ACEs (mostly) in white
(Front row, from left:) Siew Siew, the commander in chief!!; me, marya, yani, xiu jing, gen, anting,steph and Caryn(an intern, part of the working comm).
(Centre:) Kah Huay (another member of the working comm), Darren, Ben, Jaren, Justin, Leslie, Kelvin, mus, Wei Sheng (another intern in the working comm) and Mr Ong Boon Hwee (managing director of Temasek Holdings and STEP, i think....)
(Back): John De Roza (I also don't really know what's his position. Sth STEP related), Zhi Zhan, Khairi and Tristan.

There you go...

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