Wednesday, December 27, 2006

a surprise night


So Nurul wanted to surprise Shirgi with my presence and Shirgi then "took revenge" by surprising Nurul with Bibi. hahahaha.

So, Nurul and Shir was supposed to meet up for dinner. Then Nurul sms-ed me asking me to join them as a surprise to Shir. When Shir asked Nurul to invite me too, Nurul lied and said that I cannot make it. Shir being Shir, was super surprised and had such a HUGE reaction when she saw me! hahahaha.

so... here's our super random photo-taking session in Giant. haha. of all places right?? Please ignore the fact that my hair was really messy. I mean, what's new? hahaha.

ARGH!!! the super slow connection *bleah* I'll post the pics later. Can't get photobucket. sheesh. Maybe tomorrow. I'm suddenly losing all mood to stay online. *bleah to me*


shirgi.bibi.nurul. ==> ask me for pics aite?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!! Ridiculous as it may seem, it's actually already number 1 on the German and UK Amazon charts. Wahahaha

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