Wednesday, December 06, 2006

prom and its pics

First of all. A record was broken last night at prom. For the first time ever, I actually took more about 50 pictures in one night. That includes playing wani's photographer (17 pics) and excludes photos i took with somebody else's camera. Which is a lot when i think of the no of times I used filziee's cam or ika's cam w/o using my own. And this includes at least 3 solo pics of myself. Hello... 3 is a lot for me ok? hahaha.

Anyway, the prom itself was unremarkable. There were only 6 of us wearing Victorian-ish clothes. Haha. But we were pretty high in demand when it comes to pictures!! and I don't look like me. What the heck. It's prom. haha. The make-up artist insisted on putting fake eye lashes on me to make it more "meletup" (explosive) coz I'm wearing that kinda dress. hahaha. Let's see. Prom dress+hair+make-up= $72. Like filziee said on her blog, how can people spend sooooo much on their prom??? sheesh.

Boo. Didn't win anything at the lucky draw. those who did: Congrats.

Speaking of congratulations, my heartiest goes out to our first ever, inaugural prom king and queen: Adeel and Sufie!! Yay!! Here's a pic (courtesy of filziee!!) :
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The food was... food i guess. It's edible. But there is no way I'd say that it's FANTASTIC!! sigh...

And here's my fave pic of the night:
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Don't ask me why. Just thought this is a great pic. yay Izyan! You should feel honoured you know... Haha.

So for the rest of the pics, just click here to go to my myspace(don't laugh wani) to see them.

Thanks to Swissotel Merchant Court for having us there and to filziee and family for having me over. yay!!

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