Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Ok fine. Many, many, many people have been asking me to update my blog. Here goes...

Let's begin with the exams!!
Right. For (most of) my friends the end of the exams was actually ONE week before mine. Lucky people. *sigh* So i did my final A level paper (that is Literature Paper 5 btw) on the 24th of Nov 2006. As of 1100 on that day, i stopped being identified by a series of numbers (3034/0051) and let the fun begins :). Or so I thought. I haven't really had a real break since that friday and I'm still darn tired lah. Sigh.

On the overall though, the exams wasn't bad. I guess. I belief that I can pass all my subjects, but i'm not sure how well i'd do. (By the way... I know my blog is super outdated. I'll update it and most likely get a new layout too...)

So. What have I been doing so far? Making myself tired!! hahaha.
Let's see:
24th Nov: JSS open house with Linnet and Hui Ying followed by Popular book sale at Expo with Fifi and Filziee. (whole day)

25th Nov: Belated birthday celebration for Bibi and just going out lah... haha. Bibi, Faiz, Lia, Alfred and me. :) So fun!! We haven't really hung out like that for a while. And of course, arguing over where there is a comfy starbucks in town when i told them we should have just stayed at Wisma. Hahahaha. In the end, went to TCC at cine where we brought back souvenirs that go beyond mere pictures. Right Faiz and Bibi? Wahahaha. Erm. Faiz. Can give me the link to download the photos?? thanks :) and i finally cleaned up my room!! Ok. Not really. I just chucked everything in the cupboard :P

26th Nov: My aunt and uncle's belated 18th anniversary celebration. Big party at the house. hahah. My cuteeeeeeeeee cousin came over again! Argh! I love love love her :D

27th Nov: Outing with my IJC clique.... supposed to be a BIG IJC MCS (kinda) bbq but in the end it was back to just the 7 of us. Went Seoul Garden-ing. haha. Filz forgot Faiz present!!! I'll post pics another time... Me, Wani and Filz really ate A LOT seh. more than the couple table. that would be fie and fai, zul and faiz. hahaha. Oh well... Should get that $23.50 worth right? Wondered how come we could actually eat so much. haha. In the end I had to help Wani with her ice-kacang. Wahaha.

Today: Went to watch Happy Feet!! My cousins have been pestering me to bring them go so I finally did. Love love love penguins :D

Ok. I'm tired now. still going out tmr. Erm. Are we still prom dress shopping wani and filz? and fifi? and there's that make a wish foundation volunteer orientation thing. Really hope i can stay home on Thurs. Coz I'll be going out (bright and early) on Fri for SYC prep. Oh well...

Have a nice trip Faiz (and Zul--later on that is) and happy holidays all!!

P/S. I've been using the old-school (as quoted from our Seoul Garden waiter cum impromptu photographer) disposable cameras so it's a bit hard to upload photos. I shall go collecting photos from friends and post it up soon :)