Saturday, September 02, 2006


this goes out to all you pple out there who has been asking me to update....

well. guess what??? nothing is going on in my life. how to update???

ok fine.

woohoo!! at least i wasn't the only one in my class to go skool on thurs!! i was so sad that that would be the case lah. aaron decided to come at the last min. wahaha.

hmmm.. birthday wishes to a few pple:
Ricca Melissa!! (31st August)
Ahmad Saleh (today... 2nd September!!!)
and Nadine Lim (also today!! yipee!!)

anyway, met up with my sec skool lit teacher with my Bibi on thurs. woohoo!! i went to town on thurs instead of studying!!! any IJ teachers want to express unhappiness at that???


oh ya!! the teachers' skit on thurs for us was NICE. cliched but nice. :)

fine. i actually did study on thurs. went studying at library@orchard! thanks for dinner girl! haha.

did a bit of studying yesterday and today. probably not enough but still studied ok?

oops!! have this really sick feeling that i gained weight!! argh!!!!!

ok. i am really bored and this is a really pointless entry. you pple shouldn't have read it.
YAY!!! i just managed to waste the time of a lot of people!! woohoo!! (not that a lot of pple read my blog but still.... hee... )

okiez. shall either study or sleep so that i can wake early tomorrow and study! (or at least make a really HUGE effort to)


on second thoughts i shall read my lit text while watching divine secrets of the yaya sisterhood!! sandra bullock is the BEST!!! woohoo!!

anyway, innovians who wants a quirky read about the going-ons in our school check out tristan's blog :
have fun!!

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