Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Birthday Season

Wow!!! Don't know why but seems that everybody's birthdays are coming up all at once. These are ONLY the birthdays that I remember of the top of my head....

Last 10 days of September
19th: My cousin
20th: My sister, Mus
25th: Faiz, Joel
27th: Hui Wen
28th: Chia Hsien, Jun Wen
29th: Arjunan

1st: Me!!!! and Bash!!!!
2nd: Phebe
7th: Nadzirah
9th: Wani
16th: Lia
20th: Alex Lee
21st: Eric
30th: Wen Jin

1st: Sheryl
3rd: Sufie
15th: Bibi
20th: Ying Jie
28th: Cheng Teng

1st: See Wai
6th: Zhi Yong
7th: My brother....
12th: Cousin
14th: Aunt
20th: Shuhui
21st: Wei Kiat
28th: Cui Ping
29th: Alvin

I am very sure that there's a lot a lot more people i forgot .... Hmmm. Anybody I missed feel free to let me know so that I can feel in the blanks!! haha.

In the meantime:
To my sister.
Congratulations on turning 2* (she wouldn't want me to admit how old she is. but she's still in her early twenties. haha.) Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. All the best to you ya???
Best wishes from your sister,
Siti Rozianti!!!


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